Do your kids struggle with saying things that they shouldn’t, lashing out verbally, or choosing wise and kind words?

Our new family devotional, Minding Your Mouth: A Biblical Study on Taming the Tongue, can help you talk with your kids about these very issues!

Minding Your Mouth family Bible study on taming the tongue

By being mindful of God’s Word on this matter, and by His strength, your children can learn and grow in maturity in this area of Christian life and be reminded of His truths so they can use what they say for the good of others and of the kingdom of God!

This devotional seeks to encourage your kids (and you!) in the practice of gaining self-control over our words and pattern of speaking!

Minding Your Mouth: A Biblical Study on Taming the Tongue is a study geared toward kids ages 3 and up that can be done with parents or for older kids, on their own!

teach your kids God's Word

Here’s what is contained in the study:

10 devotions on what the Bible teaches us about taming the tongue and speaking well
Coloring pages with Bible verses

Scripture copywork for each of the 10 verses
Printable Scripture verse cards 

▪ Activities to reinforce the lessons

Plus a bonus Scripture art print for your home!

This study will guide you through 10 lessons that dig deep into the Scriptures so kids can see how God’s Word address how we speak and are called to live peacefully with others as well as how big of an impact what we say has on our relationships and our Christian walk!

Would you like to see a sample devotional before you buy? Click here to check it out! 

Minding Your Mouth is available in my shop for $12.99!

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