Does motherhood sometimes seem more like endless drudgery than a joyful and rewarding experience?

I have to admit that I’ve been feeling this way more than once lately. I know that much of it is due to a long, long winter and having been very sick with “all-day” pregnancy sickness but I’m feeling a need to be renewed in my purpose!

Sponsor Preslaysa Williams has written an encouraging eBook that can help us weary mommas with this very thing! It’s called Mind Scrubs for Moms and in it she shares her journey from feeling mundane about motherhood to enjoying her calling in the home.

To do this, she embraced what she calls a “mind-scrub”: a thorough cleaning of her worldview concerning motherhood.

This book was written for you if:

  • You wonder how other moms seem to manage it all, but you’re struggling with squeezing in a shower in the morning.
  • You want to have a positive influence on your children, but you inwardly berate yourself about your blah attitude towards the job of motherhood.
  • You feel as if what you do for your children is meaningless. You’re tempted to re-evaluate why you decided to undergo this crazy venture in the first place.
Here are the chapter topics!
  • Home Alone
  • The Faulty Foundation
  • Elements of a Mind Scrub
  • Re-feeling
  • Re-thinking
  • Re-speaking
  • Re-visioning
  • Re-acting
  • Taking it from Here
One of the sections I really benefited from was where she identifies the world’s lies about motherhood and how she built her foundation on sand instead of the truth of God. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the day-to-day that we aren’t able to really pinpoint what is wrong with our thinking and how to understand what we’re feeling about being a mom. Here’s a great quote:

I learned that if I built up the real me by feeding on the Word of God, I’ll grow stronger in my spirit.

She also gives a lot of practical tips for this season of life, which I always like, since I respond well to real-life examples and suggestions.

We’ll never be able to completely defeat sin in our lives at every moment, but there is always hope in Christ! He can change our thinking to conform to His about these precious little lives we’ve been given to treasure. No matter what we’ve felt or thought about motherhood in the past, we can be “transformed by the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:2).

You can purchase Preslaysa’s book for $4.99 and you can even read the first chapter for free!

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  1. The toughest part of motherhood for me right now is figuring out how to keep all of the balls in the air with three young children and sleepless nights.

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