Stuck in the house on a rainy day? Making this fun “tornado” is basically free and makes a good little science lesson! I did this with my children almost three years ago but they’ve had fun doing it several times since!

What You Need:

2 two-liter pop bottles
Duct tape

Glitter (optional)

What to Do:

Fill one of the two-liter bottles about 3/4 full with water. Add your optional glitter. You can use food coloring too if you’d like.

Line up the opening of the empty bottle with the water-filled bottle and tape around the openings tightly with duct tape.

Quickly turn the bottle over so that the water-filled bottle drains into the empty bottle, swirling it around right after you turn it, kind-of like stirring a cauldron (sorry, I couldn’t think of another analogy). Watch as the water creates a tornado between the two bottles!

Will even got the hang of it after awhile. Leah had some help from Dad.

Check out the looks on my kids’ faces–priceless!

Will and Leah wanted to repeat this activity over…and over…and over again. Finally the water started leaking through the tape so I snuck it into the recycling.

If you want to go a little further and have a science lesson about tornadoes with this activity, you can find some great instructions and question/answers at the NASA Explores website

If you’re looking for science/exploring themed shows for your budding scientists, check out some of these programs on Netflix Instant Streaming. 


Click here to see some other suggestions for science and nature-themed shows and movies you can watch on Netflix!

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{This kids’ activity was originally posted December of 2011.}


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  1. I love these simple science projects, and so do my kids. We did the one where you blow up a ballon using baking soda and vinegar….soooo fun!

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