Summer isn’t always as busy for family schedules, but we definitely want to be soaking up all the warmth we can without wasting extra daylight hours doing lots of cooking!

Plus…hot weather + ovens = yuck.

So, what to do when you need meal ideas but don’t want to heat up the kitchen every night?

Make summer menu planning easier with freezer cooking!!

I’ve written about this before, but Freezer Cooking is AMAZING for solving the “what’s for dinner” problem. For the last few months I’ve been freezer cooking again after a long break from it, and the best thing in the world right now is freezer to crockpot meals.

The freezer to crockpot method is quicker and easier than traditional freezer cooking (although I do a lot of that too because it still saves time and money for meals) and the best part about being able to transfer pre-made, homemade meals straight from your freezer to your crockpot is that it doesn’t heat up the kitchen!!

To do my freezer to crockpot meals, I’ve been using MyFreezEasy, a freezer cooking membership site that provides you with pre-made menus each month, as well as printable grocery lists, assembly and cooking instructions for each of the menu options.

MyFreezEasy Freezer Cooking Membership Sale

Each month through my FreezEasy membership, I get 8 different menus to choose from, and I can also create my own meal plans using the hundreds of recipes on the site!

There are several cooking methods offered besides freezer to crock pot, like freezer to grilled, freezer to skillet and freezer to oven. I like that there are gluten free, dairy free, keto, vegetarian and traditional meal options, because I have to be careful how much dairy I have in my diet. Many different proteins are used in the recipes, so you aren’t just getting chicken meals!

We have truly loved the meals we’ve made from the recipes and it has saved me SO much time and effort in the kitchen, not to mention the money we save always having something in the freezer to make for dinner!

Here’s an idea of what the printed recipes look like and some examples that we’ve used.

So, if you’re wanting to try this whole freezer cooking thing but aren’t sure where to start (or you want to restart like me!), Erin at MyFreezEasy is offering a wonderful deal on memberships for a really short time!

Wednesday June 6th and Thursday June 7th ONLY, memberships are going for just $10/month, $30/quarter, and $95/annually!

I’d highly recommend the annual membership, because it means for $7.90 a month, you’re getting 8 menu plans with a cooking video, printable grocery, assembly and cooking worksheets that make the shopping and prep process much quicker, the ability to create custom menus that suit your family, and a generous collection of hundreds of recipes for all dietary needs. Plus, there are tons of tutorials and extra tips to help you make freezer cooking a success (without a huge learning curve!).

Having this membership also means that you’ll get the benefit of saving money and minutes in the kitchen via freezer cooking, without doing all the time-consuming work yourself!

I’d encourage you to at least check out the MyFreezEasy membership service and see if you think it would work for your family! If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know I’m super picky about what I share with you as my readers–only the things I think will genuinely help you and bring more joy in your family life! Believe me when I say it is worth it.

This sale is over tomorrow night though, so don’t wait :)

Learn More About the MyFreezEasy Membership Deal Now!


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