What can you do with duct tape? Just about anything, right? My family has now found a new use for duct tape and it involves the Word of God.
My kiddos and I recently reviewed an ebook from some young homeschool entrepreneurs! Mark and Steven have their own business called Warfare by Duct Tape. They sell 7 ebooks on how to make duct tape weapons, helmets, armor and costumes based on historical cultures. 
The ebook we chose to review was The Armor of God. In it are lovely step-by-step instructions with pictures {which I love as a visual learner} on how to make the armor that is talked about in Ephesians 6: belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and sword of the spirit! This book would be great for a school unit study or just a way to jazz up a stir-crazy winter day {I’m thinking ahead!}.
Since we have younger children {7, 5 and 2}, they chose a relatively simple project to complete. We made the Buckler, which is the hand-held part of the shield of faith. There are other, more extensive projects, but they are not hard. This Buckler was just perfect for the time {and patience} we had!
Leah was very patient in assembling her buckler


Will works on his finishing touches and Little J got to make a cross :)


Ready to fight our spiritual battles!
My kids LOVED this project and Will is already asking when we can make the big shield of faith! We read the Ephesians 6 passage together too as we worked.


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  1. I love these duct-tape crafts and know that my children, especially my seven-year-old son, would enjoy creating battle gear. :) I’m visiting from the Better Mom link-up and I’ll be pinning and sharing this one!

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