“The Incredibles” movie is rather old and probably most of us have seen it, right? 

The only reason I ended up watching it this particular time was because my almost 10 year old daughter had a fever and was home from school. See, God turns bad situations to good and we can always find something positive. :) 

Bob has a “good” life but things are starting to fall apart because he is unhappy, day in and day out. He works a mediocre job and he echoes the words of his toddler age neighbor in that they are both “waiting for something amazing.” 

The real Bob, the one buried and locked away, is still there. Once his true self is re-discovered, he can once again thrive and truly enjoy life. However, everyone reminds him it’s best to move on and forget the former self as his new life is what he’s supposed to live. If that’s so true, why is he so unhappy? 

Every time Bob has an incident where his superpowers manifest, his old contacts show up to re-locate he and his family. They give him a way to run away, hide and begin yet another attempt at a “normal life”. 

But, guess what? He wasn’t born to live normal, and neither are you! 

Do you ever recall a dream, or something you used to do that brought joy, that perhaps faded or didn’t quite work out? So then instead, you tried to live a “regular” life, but it just fell short. And maybe, like Bob, your dream began to seep out again into your daily life, to the point that you could no longer hide behind your 9-5 facade. 

For me, I started to write again recently. It’s been several years now since I actively blogged but I know I’m called to write so that’s what I’ve started to do. Sure, I don’t have it all figured out but I think what’s important is that we do something.

If we step out and put one foot in front of the other, we can trust God to orchestrate our steps and clearly outline the path we should take (see Proverbs 3:6). I think it’s hard as we want to see the full picture ahead of time. 

My advice? Go ahead and find that person that’s locked inside. We all have one longing to get out. And maybe you are operating in your calling. If so, good for you. Continue in that vein. 

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The Father is good, and He has a plan and a purpose for each one of us and He longs to help you discover and be the real you, your true self. A little over half way through the movie, the mom tells the daughter the following:
“Doubt is a luxury we can’t afford. You have more power than you realize. Don’t think and don’t worry. If the time comes you’ll know what to do. It’s in your blood.” She was referring to if (and when) the daughter would have to use her superpowers. 

I think when we are not operating as our true selves we more easily find other things to fill the aching hole inside of us. We are also more susceptible to temptation. I think our perceptions can become skewed so that we don’t always make the best decisions. 

The remedy? Continue to seek the Father and always be led and guided by Him. Yes, we will make mistakes along the way but the goal should be fewer as we align with His purpose for our life. 

Back to Bob…once he rediscovered his purpose and began to act on it, he once more found a vigor and happiness that had been forgotten along the way. And his family became actively engaged as well and they now operated as a unit instead of flailing on their own. I think the benefits will show themselves when we are operating in our calling. The positives are countless. 

Who knows the impact you might have in walking this out. You not only are true to self, living authentically, but can also reach others in a way you never before dreamed. 

As I stepped out in faith and began blogging again, I reconnected with some other like minded women and we now meet regularly for morning coffee. We uplift and pour into one another and just seeing how God is using each one of us in a different way has been powerful. 

Father, I pray for each one reading this that you would reignite passions and callings. Let us not forget how to dream, nor to be afraid of it. If You have called us (and You have), You are more than capable to carry it out. We declare that we trust You. Amen. 


Mara has been married for 13 years and has two children, ages 5 and almost 10. She is committed to helping share the love of the Father with other women by showing them they do have a purpose. She wants everyone to know that they matter. You can check out her blog here and her ‘you matter’ resources in her online shop!


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