If you’re new to celebrating Lent, try a Lenten Bible reading plan this year! You can use this daily plan to reflect on the cross of Christ and prepare your heart for the joy of Easter Resurrection Sunday.

The season of Lent is the 40 days, minus Sundays, between Ash Wednesday and Resurrection Sunday. This equates to about 46 days total over that six week time period. 

While you can certainly read verses on each of the 46 days leading up to Easter, it’s a common practice to have 40 days of Scripture study for Lent, corresponding to the 40 days that Jesus was in the wilderness, being tempted. 

What gospel should I read for Lent?

I received this question from a blog reader a couple of weeks ago and it sparked an idea to create a Scripture reading plan for the gospel of Mark to use during the Lenten season. More on that below.

The book of Mark is attributed to John Mark, who wrote this letter to the church at Rome. It emphasizes the cross, Christian discipleship, the teachings of Jesus and the importance of Jesus being not only man, but also the Son of God.

The gospel of Mark is simple and easy to understand. It walks through much of Jesus’ earthly ministry as well as His death and resurrection. While being simple, it is also powerful and cultivates a deeper faith as we grow in our understanding of the life-changing, personal sacrifice that Jesus made for our sins.

This makes the book of Mark a fantastic gospel to use as a Bible reading plan for the season of Lent.

Where is Lent found in the Bible?

While the season of Lent is not spoken of in the Bible, many of the practices of Lent are based off of Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness. 

The book of Mark emphasizes this part of Jesus’ life, and that Bible passage has influenced the Christian traditions of fasting and prayer during Lent. 

lent bible reading plan

Daily Bible Reading Plan for Lent 2022 (Free Printable PDF)

You can download a free printable Gospel of Mark Lent Bible reading plan for 2022 from the Gospel of Mark.

It has 40 daily Scripture readings, starting on Ash Wednesday and ending on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, minus the Sundays in between.

There are TWO versions: Undated and Dated

I use my ESV Single Column Journaling Bible to take notes in the margins after I do my daily reading. 

Click HERE or the photo below for the undated plan.

Click HERE for the dated plan (March 2 – April 16, 2022)

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Want to Keep Building a Daily Bible Reading Habit?

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Pray through Scripture for the 40 Days of Lent!

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