Make these fun fall Leaf Finger Puppets craft with your preschooler or kindergartener!
I found this super cute kids’ craft idea in a Parents magazine. They go by the name Leaf Finger Puppets but Will thought we should call them Leaf People. When I took the picture of the completed craft, he set them up so they were holding hands :)
This craft is super frugal, which I love, and we easily found the materials in our craft cupboard and outside in nature!
leaf finger puppets frugal craft preschoolers

Leaf Finger Puppets


Toilet paper rolls
Leaves, pressed and dried
Twigs or pipe cleaners
Small pebbles and/or buttons
Googly eyes
Construction paper
Glue stick
Tacky Glue


1) First, cover one side of the construction paper (cut to size) with glue stick and press around the toilet paper rolls.

2) Next, decorate your “leaf people” with pebbles, buttons, beads, whatever strikes your fancy.

Give them some eyes too! As you can see below, “one of these things is not like the other” and the eyes are on the tp roll rather than the leaf. The preferences of a three year old :) On a side note, gluing on the eyes and pebbles was good fine motor skills practice, although Leah (3) did need some help.

3) Glue on the twig arms or poke small holes in the sides of the tp rolls and push the twigs in.

That’s the option we went with, because the tacky glue just wouldn’t hold the thicker twigs. Draw noses and smiles if desired.
Ta da! Leaf people that you can use as finger puppets, airplanes or water towers in a pretend town (our local water tower has a smiley face on it).


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