Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift? Go digital!

Our kids ages 10, 8, 5 and 3 LOVE JellyTelly – a Christian streaming service with great shows like What’s in the Bible? & VeggieTales, plus family devotionals for only $4.99/month!

As a busy mom, I often struggle to find TV shows and movies I trust for my kiddos, because I don’t always have time to watch every single thing out there. That’s why I wanted to share with you a resource we’ve been enjoying for a full year now and loving every minute of it – JellyTelly!

JellyTelly is a streaming video service full of Christian shows and movies that my kids love and that, most importantly, I trust. It was started by VeggieTales(R) creator Phil Vischer, and it has some of our kids’ favorite shows, including VeggieTales(R), Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible?, Micah’s Super Vlog, Hillsong Kids, 321 Penguins (remember that show?) and more!

We also love the JellyTelly 5 Minute Family Devotional, an easy video-based devotional that helps us learn about the Word together. There are several other video devotionals as well that my kids have really learned a lot from!

JellyTelly makes a perfect last-minute Christmas gift for your kids or really any child in your life! You can view the videos and devotionals on Roku and Apple TV as well as watch it right from your iPad or computer! You will NOT regret this purchase and it’s incredibly affordable.

jellytelly free subscription

It has helped our kids not only grow in their understanding of Scripture (through the devotionals) and living their faith (through the Christian shows) but also helped them discern and choose quality entertainment

 Here’s a sampling of the shows and devotionals on JellyTelly:

Check it out and get your first week at no cost! You can subscribe for $4.99 per month (or pay for a yearly membership and save $10 by using the coupon code SAVE10 now until 12/31!)

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! Merry Christmas!


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