We like to use essential oils in many ways, one of them being for our kids! Essential oils, when properly diluted can be very effective for treating plenty of children’s ailments, from scrapes and bruises to headaches to sleep struggles.

You can definitely create your own essential oil blends for your kids but honestly it’s great to have something already made at a moment’s notice!


My seemingly serious 2 year old showing us her favorite roller blend essential oil!

That’s why I’m really excited to tell you about Rocky Mountain Oils NEW Kids Line Essential Oil Blends! They take the guesswork out of the whole deal :)

They are pre-made blends in roller bottles that can be used in a variety of ways! They’re safe for pregnant women too! Each bottle contains application instructions, which is perfect for making sure that you’re using them correctly and effectively!

Often, Rocky Mountain will have sales and promotions on their Kids Line. Check out their website to see if they have any sales running right now by clicking HERE!

Rocky Mountain Oils has become our go-to source that we trust for essential oils. They are not an MLM company, which I prefer and they also are passionate about teaching people to use oils safely and effectively.

Benefits of Rocky Mountain Oils Kids Line Essential Oil Blends

  • Prediluted to safe amounts for use with children
  • Oils are properly combined for maximum effectiveness
  • Roll on bottles make application super easy
  • Great for on the go without the mess!
  • FREE shipping–on orders of $25 or more!

Rocky Mountain Oils kids line of blends

THE NEW ROCKY MOUNTAIN OILS KIDS LINE–Can you see how my 2 year old helped hold them in the pic above so they didn’t roll away? :)

We got to preview these blends before they were released and we are loving how they are helping our kiddos! Counting Sheep (which helps with calming and sleeping) is our fave so far. We also just got to make use of Breathe for our 5 year old son’s cough and Concentrate for helping our 10 year old focus on his homework.


Check out the whole Kids Line of Essential Oil Roller Blends from Rocky Mountain Oils!


We use Rocky Mountain Oils as our resource for essential oils, blends and carrier oils. They are a company I trust because they advocate safe use of oils, test them accordingly and are very open about their practices. They also don’t make outrageous claims about their products.

They are a non-MLM company, meaning it is not a tiered company like some other essential oil groups, but simply a resource of safely tested essential oils. They also have AMAZING customer service. Read our reasons for choosing them as our essential oil company.

Use oils safely and with confidence!

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