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Writing on paper is so sacred, so peaceful, and very private. With a pen and paper, and no one to see our thoughts, we are going to write how we really feel, without hindrance. When I was young and up until I first started blogging, journals filled the quiet spaces of my room, and my heart. When things went wrong, I’d write. When things went so great, I’d write. I found my faith through the pen and paper. My first thoughts of Jesus are on those journals.
After I had my first daughter, a beautiful friend told me about blogging. She told me how wonderful it was, how fun, and how it would give me a little bit of an outlet. So, I set up a little page and there began my public statement to the world- my soul.
Blogging, I’ve learned can be scary. Mostly summing up my 3 years with writing, I’ve been scared almost every time I’ve hit publish. Just as a motherhood has phases, I believe writing does too. I started out really vulnerable, and really naive to what writing your heart to the world means. It means that with love and support can come backlash and confusion. People writing harsh comments. ANYBODY looking at your words.
There have been times, many times, I just wanted to throw up my hands and say enough. I’ve lost sleep, and precious moments in my life because I was so terrified about what people would think. That stole my confidence more times than I could count.
My family, and friends have always said this number one thing to me when I’ve cried about this. Keep writing anyways. I never understood what they meant. If I am receiving negativity- I’ll just quit- right? I’ll just give up, turn away, because I’m not good at it.
Wrong. Keep writing. 
Because, sweet sister, you have what it takes. When you have that sparkle in your heart, the world will pretty much want to take it. The enemy and his vicious tricks and lies. When you want to give up, give in and run away.
Keep going.
Through writing, I’ve found the rarest beauty of community with sisters I would of never met if I hadn’t kept on. Ones I would call my best friends today. They have pushed me, held me up, and strengthened me. Opportunities have come. Jesus has carried me all the way through.
I’ve learned that if I quit, it means the world wins. My past wins. The devil takes the gold, and that’s just not going to happen. I’ve found my thick coat. I’ve put on the armor of God. I’ve grown up, and stretching into this skin.
Nobody else has your story, and your differences make up something unique. Our stories and our testimonies are unlike anyone else, but helping someone will always stay the same. It’s why I write. To help. To support. To reach out. To love. To show I’ve been there too.
So I keep on keeping on, because God showed me I can not be defeated with Him by my side.
I fail daily, I struggle, and I cry. There is a man who died to take away our sins, so I suit up in that armor even on my worst day, and write about it, because there is someone out there that is going through the same thing.
Sisters, let’s keep writing.
Let’s keep being strong, let’s keep telling our stories. Let’s never give up on what God instilled with in us. The power we can do with good.

Ashley is just a simple country girl, living in the heart of the South with her little family. She writes to help other women, and for Jesus. You can find her at her blog or on Facebook.

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16 Comments on Keep Writing! Encouragement for Bloggers When It’s Hard

  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Ashley. You hit upon a struggle so many bloggers face: do I give in and quit or press “publish” one more time.

  2. Just the encouragement I needed. Thank you again, Ashley! Thank you for letting God use you to encourage others!

  3. Ashley, you have a heart of gold, and I am thankful you haven’t stopped writing. You bless me tremendously with your words. Thank you for the nudge to keep going. After five years, I grow weary, wondering if I’ve said it all already. Blessings!

  4. Ashley, this is just what I needed to hear! I love your heart! I have much to learn about this blogging thing and I have a story itching to be told, but fear holds me back. It’s hard to believe for myself that yes, I am a writer and that my words and my story can encourage others. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on writing!

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