If I didn’t notice the shift into the fall season by the colorful leaves on the trees or crispness in the air, my skin would tell me that autumn was here. The moment the maple tree in our front yard begins to turn red, dry skin appears, on my arms, legs and face especially.

Because we lose humidity so quickly here in the plains, I find my skin craves moisture and it’s important to hydrate thoroughly and right away so I don’t have the repeating problem of being itchy and flaky.

Have trouble with dry skin in the fall and winter too? I carry along a brand name moisturizer made with oatmeal in my van, but I recently started using natural skin and body care products at home, a line called Tohi, from our favorite essential oils provider, Rocky Mountain Oils.

Since we’re already huge fans of RMO’s essential oils ,  I knew their other products would be amazing too and created with care!

Tohi means harmony and this body care line combines essential oils, clinically proven ingredients, and botanical extracts for skin care solutions you actually can see and feel right away. (No animal testing!)

I’ve been using the Deep Radiance Cleanser, Sacred Skin Facial Moisturizer (which felt tingly and weird right away but now I really like it! Plus, it has anti-aging compounds, which sadly I’m starting to need!!), and Complete Relief Muscle Rub for the end of the day after I’ve been holding a clingy 4 year old ;) My husband actually is using it too for after weight lifting!

tohi complete muscle and tension relief

But the Nature’s Moisture Hand and Body Cream is my favorite because it’s thicker and in my opinion, holds in moisture better than regular lotion. I can even put it on just-shaven legs and it doesn’t burn–seriously, yay!!! It’s made with Jojoba oil, which is wonderful for moisturization. And it’s unscented, so you can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to it if you want!

Nature’s Moisture Front

The Tohi body care comes in a starter kit (which is on sale right now!!) but you can also buy the products individually. You can find the starter kit here.

Tip: If you visit the Rocky Mountain Oils website to look for each product on it’s own, make sure to type it in by name, instead of just “Tohi”.

  • Complete Relief Muscle Rub
  • Deep Radiance Cleanser
  • Nature’s Moisture
  • Night’s Rest
  • Sacred Skin Facial Moisturizer

tohi night's rest product

The skin is our biggest organ and so our immune system will push every illness that we struggle with, especially in the winter, like colds, flue and coughs, out through our skin. So it’s really important to take care of it! I hate having red, rashy skin on my arms, dry legs and hands and flaky skin on my face, so I’m really happy to have tried Tohi and experienced relief!

This Thanksgiving Weekend, starting on November 23, Rocky Mountain Oils is having an amazing sale!

Many of their oils and other products (including the Tohi collection) are up to 30% off! Plus, they always have free shipping! Their customer service is incredibly kind and responsive and will do whatever they can to keep you a satisfied customer! Check out their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale–try the Tohi products to keep your skin healthy too!

Find some oils and other natural products to keep you healthy at Rocky Mountain Oils’ sale, right here or click the photo below!

rocky mountain oils black friday cyber monday sale


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