Do you struggle to find the time to study your Bible? Need some accountability to encourage you to stay the course? Can’t attend evening study because you need to be home with your little ones? That’s exactly my situation so this fall I am joining with Good Morning Girls for their 1 John Bible study!
Each day we work through a verse or two from the book of 1 John using what GMG calls the SOAP method:
S – Write out the scripture passage for the day
O – Write down 1 or 2 observations
A – Write down 1-2 applications from the passage
P – Pray over what you learned from today’s passage
By the end of 12 weeks you will have written out every verse of 1 John and meditated on it, hiding God’s Word in your heart and applying it to your life!
If you would like to join in on this study, you can download the 1 John Bible Study E-book and get started! Each week I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned here on my blog and I invite you to comment with what you’ve learned as well. We also have a Facebook group of ladies participating in the study and checking in with each other in the mornings, so if you want to join, please let me know. We’d be glad to have you!
This week so far we’ve gone through 1 John 1:1-3. The thing that struck me is that John is so insistent about the fact that he has heard, seen and touched the “Word of Life”, Jesus! I read in my Bible commentary that one of the purposes of this letter was to refute the claims of Gnosticism. It is of the utmost importance to John that people really know the truth!
John says in verse 2, “we have seen and testify and proclaim to you the eternal life…”
What a privilege to have seen Christ with his own eyes! Even though we have not literally seen Christ, we believe and so it’s our responsibility and our joy to share this with others.
Proclaim means to announce or declare openly. Testify means to give evidence of what we declare to be true. It made me think that not only is it important that I believe but that I know why I believe!
Lord, may I be faithful to declare the truth of the gospel and grow in my knowledge of that truth so I can share the evidence of what I believe about the Way, the Truth and the Life.


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3 Comments on Join in on the Good Morning Girls 1 John Study!

  1. C, you are welcome to join in anytime! You can download the SOAP printables and then comment on my blog when I post each Wednesday with what you’ve learned. Or are you interested in joining my Facebook group? Let me know!

  2. Stopping by from GMG … I am so glad to be starting 1 John!!! So much to learn and glean in the Lord. Looking forward to visiting your blog more

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