That was the statement that popped up in my newsfeed a few months ago on Facebook.

Immediately I bristled. What do you mean, stop? Who says I’m even saying such a thing?

But I am. Those three words leave my mouth almost every single day. Motherhood is hard. In conversations with friends, in the back of my mind, to my husband at the end of the day–when I feel exhausted, weary and confused as to why my version of motherhood isn’t working out like I wanted it to be.

And yet. I find no fault in these words. No shame over speaking what is truth: an ever-present struggle that finds me one part loving my calling as a mom and the other part shaking my head in frustration.

It’s okay to say that motherhood is hard.

Yes, that’s right. It’s okay to say that motherhood is hard.

Why? Because the things that are the hardest are those that are most worth doing.

It's okay to say that motherhood is hard--encouragement for the exhausting moments that you can take to heart right now.

This beautiful experience, which brings me constantly to my knees, in need of a strength much more tenacious than my own, is one of the most worthwhile callings we have received from the Lord. 

That’s not to say we should be complaining about our children to our friends or making excuses for ourselves when it’s time to step up, but the acknowledgement that in our weakness God is strong is a very biblical principle.

We know that it’s hard and have acknowledged the truth of that statement. We want joy to overflow despite the difficulties. What’s next?

I am so thankful that it is God who brings the joy back into motherhood. Abiding in Christ, resting in the promises of His Word, brings strength and motivation for the task we’ve been entrusted with each day. And we can do that through strengthening our prayer life, getting into the Word and being encouraged by others who have gone before us in motherhood.

Woman praying on table

Several months ago,  I read the book “Abide” by Elisa Pulliam. This oh-so-refreshing devotional truly hit home for me (and I love that it is a 10 day devotional journey, great for moms who have little free time and short attention spans like me!).

Anyway, one of the phrases in the book that really stuck in my mind was this:

“Why do we forget the promises of God? Because we’re all about living right instead of living deep rooted in our faith.”

That’s so true, isn’t it? And yet I know where I want my roots to be, sunk deep into my faith, drawing from a source of strength that is higher than mine. 

“From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2

Whatever trials we are facing as moms, whatever hardships are making us feel hopeless, frustrated and confused, these struggles do not have to define our journey through motherhood. Instead, when we admit that it’s hard, that we aren’t enjoying it all of the time like we thought we would, we see our need for the cross.

We come to God, and suddenly those bright spots in our day become brighter–the joy begins to spring up once more, from the refreshing source we can abide in, day by day. 

What parts of motherhood have been hard for you? How can I encourage you today? Please let me know in the comments or send me an email at thepurposefulmom at live dot com.

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