There are a lot of moments when I struggle to be thankful. It’s not that I don’t have what I need, it’s the dissatisfaction that comes from my sinful nature wanting more or wanting things to be different. At times it’s very hard to rest in my current circumstances. There are things that deeply trouble me and I find them hard to talk about to all but my husband and few closest friends.

One of the things I want to do more with the help of God is to reflect on the things I can be thankful for, even if they come in the form of not-so-desirable situations. As I’ve walked through the past few days in my mind, I’ve been reflecting on some of the ways I can “count my blessings”, as the song says.

When we are purposeful about seeing the ways God has blessed us, it gives us a more eternal perspective in light of our momentary troubles.

So I am {learning to be} thankful when….

….I have to wipe my sticky, dirty table four times a day, because it means I have enough food to feed my family.

….my bedtime is midnight or later, because I have a husband who wants to stay up and talk to me, watch our favorite show or help me with a project.

….my to-do list remains partially {uh, mostly} undone because it means I’ve been able to spend time kicking around a soccer ball with my kids or watching them ride bikes in the driveway.

….our children need baths every night because it means they are able to be outside in our safe neighborhood and “get their energy out”!

….little J {who is 2} calls for me after I’ve put him to bed because it touches my heart that he wants to snuggle a little more with his momma.

….I’m exhausted at the end of each night and even a little nauseous {in the third trimester!} because it means we are one day closer to meeting our sweet baby girl.

….our couch is well-worn and in desperate need of a deep clean, because that is the place we gather to read books, watch movies and do devotions and pray together as a family.

….my faith is weak, because it helps me rely on the grace of God even more, which keeps me going in incredibly difficult situations. One day at a time.

“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

In what circumstances are you learning to be thankful? Is this a struggle for you at times too?

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6 Comments on I Am {Learning to Be} Thankful When….

  1. Ahh! I love this post too. I can so relate. I work full time but am thankful to be home with our kids 3 days a week. But when I come home during the week I am so tired. My husband is a HUGE help with dinner & kids on the days I work. But every night when I want to get them into a bath & hurry them on to bed so I can have quiet time or time with my husband, God has reminded me A LOT lately.. Your kids aren’t going to be this little forever. No matter how tired I am we sit indian style in my daughters room with their devotional & prayers. And then I stay up way too late because my husband is also a night owl! – Tiffany

    • So great of you to make time for your kids even after a long and busy day. You’re very right in that it doesn’t last forever and that we need to take advantage of the moments we have even if we’re exhausted!

  2. What a beautiful post – thank you for sharing! I love your grateful spirit and heart. Blessings to your family!

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