A few days ago, I shared a post on how to make a printable using PicMonkey. This can be for personal use or, if you’re a blogger, you can use my tips to create a free printable to offer to blog readers! In my original post I mentioned using the Only for Likers app to share your printable on Facebook. Here’s how I set it up to display the link to my free character cards printable {get yours!} on my timeline.

Click on this link: Only for Likers. You’ll have to allow the app in to your personal Facebook account or the account that manages your blog’s Facebook page. This is what it looks like once you sign into it:

1. Select the page that you want to set up {the drop-down menu by number 1}. In this case, you would choose your blog page.

2. Under “Set form for people who don’t like your page”, upload a picture that you would like not-yet-likers to see. In my case, I uploaded an image I made in PicMonkey {see below}.

3. Under “Set form for people who like your page”, choose either a picture or message. This is what people will see right after they like your page!

4. Insert a link to the page people will land when they click on your image or message {where the black arrow is pointing}. Then click “Submit”.

5. Switch back to your personal Facebook account and click into your page’s Facebook timeline. 

6. Click on the little number to the right of your # of page likes {blue arrow}. You’ll see all the apps/boxes that you’ve added.

7. Find and hover over the Only for Likers box. You’ll see a little pencil in the upper right corner. Click on that pencil and then you can switch its position around so it can be where you’d like to see it on your timeline. I put mine to the left of my # of page likes {black arrow}. You can also edit the image and title of the app.

8. Lead people to your Facebook page! I wrote up a post that directs people over to like my Facebook page so they can get into my Only for Likers button and then download the printable.

I hope this helps you! Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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  1. haha! this is so funny! I was searching a tutorial on how to set up a for likers only tab and found this post. I immediately saw it was written by you and knew it was going to be good. As I’m reading this post I’m thinking how great your explaining it. I was about to comment when I saw that I already had several months ago! This time, I’m pinning this so I don’t forget!

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