There are a lot of awesome ways to incorporate the Bible into everyday activities. I share a lot of ways you can teach Scripture to your kids here at the blog! Sometimes, though, it can become challenging to think up new ideas to do so if you are not the creative type (raising my hand). 

My 6 year old daughter Leah absolutely loves to practice her handwriting. I think she might be an aspiring writer! For now, we are just working on forming the letters correctly :) She also loves Scripture memorization–often singing it to a tune she makes up!


At almost 4 years old, Jude is familiar with his letters thanks to being read to often and using a fabulous preschool Bible-based curriculum we’ve been incorporating at home this year called God’s Little Explorers. However, I wanted to add in a handwriting component to go along with our lessons since he seemed very interested in copying what his older sister is doing!


I came across a curriculum that incorporates learning Scripture and handwriting at the same time–bonus! It has been a really fun addition to our time at home and my kids have been excited about it each day I pull it out! 

What We’re Using to Encourage Proper Handwriting Skills: Write Through the Bible, Junior


Write Through the Bible, Junior is a new interdisciplinary study you can use to teach your young child to write while focusing on God’s word. This curriculum, geared towards 4-6 year olds, is a full-year curriculum.

A Curriculum for Busy Moms

With Write Through the Bible, Junior,  you can complete several subjects at once. This curriculum will allow you to teach your child to write, discuss new vocabulary words, dig deep into the Word of God, and memorize a long passage of scripture together.

Not only that, but there is virtually no preparation! There aren’t any super involved crafts–and I love simplicity. Everything you need for this curriculum you probably already have at home. Jude loves the little activity sheets too! I got the book spiral bound for $3 at Office Max so it was easier for him to work with.


If you are not a homeschooler, you can definitely use this as a supplement to what your children are already learning in school as far as handwriting, and adding the Biblical element is a great way to take this skill further.

Write through the Bible Junior. Teach your kids handwriting and God's Word at the same time!


Here are a few things your child will learn as they work through this book:

  • How to improve fine motor coordination
  • Learning letter sounds
  • Learning how to form letters
  • Memorizing Philippians 2:1-18
  • Learning new vocabulary words
  • Studying Philippians 2:1-18 and learn what it means to have a heart of humility.

In addition, this full-year program is very affordable costing just $17 for the digital download or $27 for the softcover book.


Write Through the Bible, Junior is available in a number of options you can choose from.


Bible Translation

  • KJV
  • ESV


  • Ball-and-Stick Manuscript
  • D’Nealian Manuscript (this is the format we are using)
  • Cursive

Would you like to download a sample lesson before purchasing? Head over to Intoxicated on Life, where you can download the first lesson for free.

Write through the Bible Junior. Teach your kids handwriting and God's Word at the same time!

Purchase Now: Receive $49 in Bonuses!

During the launch of Write Through the Bible, Junior you can take advantage of some really great bonuses to use with your child! These are good for 10 days only, so don’t wait. This special ends on March 27, 11:59 PM. Head to Intoxicated on Life to check them out!

I was so excited to find an affordable, multi-purpose curriculum to use with my kids. Hopefully it will be as helpful for you as well!

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  1. Hi Jenn. Thanks for the great article! Love the picture of Jude. Also love the idea of getting it spiral-bound…and for so cheap too! We’ve had office supply places take off the binding from thick books, but never thought of spiral-binding them.

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