Create your own Bible study basket for a productive devotional time, even as a busy mom! 

Here are three super important tips for making a Bible devotional or study basket and choosing a spot for your study materials so you’ll remember to do your Bible study each day.

Having a strong and effective devotional life requires some intention! Creating a specific place to “store” your Bible study materials really can help you be reminded to actually use them!

how to make a Bible study basket


Here’s what my devotional/Bible study basket looks like, as well as links to the resources I use.

Devotional Basket Ideas

Bible: I love these journaling Bibles from The Daily Grace Co. The cream and blue floral Bible pictured is the one I use! I’ve shared a photo of the inside below. It is great if you want to write in the margins of your Bible but aren’t really into drawing or coloring.

I use my “crayon highlighters” (aka. Twistables Crayons, not pictured) to highlight verses and my Papermate Flair pens to write on the pages, because they don’t bleed through!

Journal: I am using a cheap lined notebook that I bought before the school year. It’s just covered with scrapbook paper to make it a little more fancy ;) I use this for writing in my daily Bible verses from the Write Through the Word plan.

I keep my calendar for my Bible reading plan on my fridge, so that’s why it’s not pictured in the basket.

Journaling Page: I use the journaling page from Write Through the Word as a guide for what I write in my lined journal: daily verse, prayer and three questions about the verses I read and write, including What is the context?, What does this Scripture teach me about God? and How does it apply to my life?

Pens: Papermate Extra Fine Flairs, my favorite! I use them to write on the pages of my Bible, because they don’t bleed through!

Extra Reading Material: Right now, I’m also reading Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman. I LOVE this book on motherhood so far! It is gospel focused, which is really important for us moms who want to not only parent by grace but also be assured of the grace we received from God when we feel like a failure.

Other Ideas for Your Basket:

  • Your daily planner
  • Current Bible study
  • Your family’s current devotional materials

Where to Keep Your Bible Study Basket So You’ll Actually Use It

I’m a very visual person, so if something is out of sight, it’s out of mind! If you are the same, one of the best ways to remind yourself to do devotions daily is to keep your materials in a very obvious place!

One of my friends keeps her items in a shallow basket on her kitchen counter. Another keeps her devotional and Bible in her bathroom drawer (where all of her brushes and curling irons are stored). She reads while she does her hair and makeup in the morning!

One of my best friends keeps her Bible in a waterproof pouch next to the tub and reads out loud while her little ones take their daily bath. Seriously, what a fabulous idea!

I keep my basket on my grandmother’s Hope Chest, which is in my bedroom. It’s pretty much the first thing I look at every morning and I walk by it multiple times a day.

The point is to have your devotional materials visible, so even if you don’t get to your study time first thing in the morning, you’ll be prompted to do it throughout the day.

I hope these ideas are helpful! 

Looking for a simple plan for getting into God’s Word even when you have very little time to spare?

Check out our daily Scripture writing plans (you can start any day of the year!), Write Through the Word: Simple Scripture Writing for Busy Women! 


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