Maybe every year we intend to do this, but we fail:

To keep the Christmas season simple and financially managed. 

Although we have great aspirations to spend less time shopping, spend less money, and spend more time just enjoying our family and the holidays, somehow things always get messier and more complicated than we’d like.

To be fair, our family probably spends a lot less than the average during the Christmas holiday. However, there is always room for improvement, especially if reevaluating our budgets and our schedules can help us focus on the joy that is truly present in this time of year!

How to create a memorable Christmas on a small budget - real encouragement and tips in a new series that will help you find creative ways to celebrate the season while staying within your means and enjoying time with your family.

And that’s why I wanted to write this series of posts. To share how, over the years, we have successfully been moving through the process of simplifying our gift-giving budget, holiday obligations and food preparations in order to have a calmer, more reflective Christmas season where we as a family can enjoy what we love about this time of year: Jesus, family, good food, carols and our annual Christmas light tour/ice cream trip.

And you know what? We’re still working through this whole “simple Christmas” plan. And I’m learning it doesn’t have to be one of pressure, where we feel like we have to impress somebody with the biggest bows or most creative Christmas cookie. But it also doesn’t have to be this thing where we need to feel guilty because we do like to jazz up our gift wrapping or bake our favorite treats to take to all the neighbors. And I’m excited because I know it can be an experience that can be memorable without putting ourselves into debt or spending unwisely: because small budgets and simple traditions can still bring great joy.

Simplicity at Christmas likely means different things to different people. But I think we can all agree that it means taking a deep breath, looking around and thinking intentionally about what we’d like to focus our energies on most during the Christmas season, and then giving ourselves the grace to leave the rest, laying down our unrealistic ideas or expectations in view of what would best meet our family’s needs and help us to enjoy the greatest gift given to the world in a little manger so long ago.

That’s what I want to help you do this year….to enjoy a memorable Christmas on a smaller budget….just as I remind myself that our family can keep doing this too.

Once a week, leading up to the holiday season, I’ll be sharing some tips and encouragement centered around this theme of having a memorable Christmas on a small budget. We’ll talk about:

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Several other blogging friends and I are working together to help encourage and inspire you with lots of ideas for a wonderful Christmas season! We call it the Homemaker’s Holiday Challenge!

Homemaker’s Holiday Challenge

This challenge is brought to you by the bloggers behind the Domestically Challenged; Divinely Equipped Facebook group. Join us there for daily encouragement through this 5-day challenge and become a part of an awesome community of Christian homemakers! 

Homemaker's Holiday Challenge

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