Here are some easy and worship-filled ideas for families to celebrate Holy Week at home with your kids! Check out these Holy Week activities for families. 

Let’s prepare our hearts for Easter Sunday by celebrating Holy Week with reverence and respect. Holy Week is a great time to talk with your kids about the events leading up to Jesus’ death on the cross. 

To help you, I’ve set out some ideas for observing Holy Week with your family at home!

For each day of this week, starting with Palm Sunday and through Easter Saturday, you’ll find Scripture verses to read, a suggested craft or activity or object lessons that I’ve found around the internet, and reflection questions to ask to help your kids understand the Bible verses even better.

You can do these activities with your whole family.

ideas for celebrating holy week with kids

Ideas for Celebrating Holy Week at Home with Your Family

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem with his disciples riding on a borrowed donkey. He rode down the streets while people shouted “Hosanna!”

  • Read Mark 11:1-11
  • Read Zechariah 9:9-10

Ask these reflection questions:

Why was it important that Jesus came on a donkey? (Because it fulfilled the prophecy from Zechariah 9:9-10)

What did seeing Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey mean to the people at the time? (He was entering as the humble King of peace. Traditionally, entering the city on a donkey symbolizes arriving in peace, rather than as a war-waging king arriving on a horse.)


  • If your church gives out palm branches, weave your palm branch into a cross! We did this every year growing up! Instructions HERE.
  • Create your own palm leaves handprints with green paint! Find instructions HERE.
  • Super Simple Idea: Print this palm branch coloring page, color and cut out, then attach to a large green popsicle stick and wave your branch around calling out “Hosanna!” (My daughter Lydia is pictured with hers below).

Monday of Holy Week

On Monday of Holy Week, read the account of Jesus throwing out those who were cheating people out of money in the temple and a passage from Isaiah about God’s promises to His people.

  • Read Isaiah 56:1-8
  • Read Luke 19:41-48

Ask these reflection questions: 

Why did Jesus throw people out of the temple? (He was upset that they were using God’s house as a place to cheat people. Their hearts were far from God.)

What are God’s promises in Isaiah 56:1-8? (My salvation is close at hand, I will give my people joy, I will gather my people together, etc)


Build a Model of Jerusalem with Blocks! Use any blocks you have. Find instructions at Catholic Icing!

how to build a model of jerusalem in blocks

Tuesday of Holy Week

On Tuesday of Holy Week, read the story of Mary, who anointed Jesus’ feet!

Ask these reflection questions: 

What did the people at the meal in Bethany say to Jesus about the woman (Mary)? Did they really want the money to be used for a better purpose than perfume? (No, they just wanted to create trouble and wanted the money for themselves.)

What did Jesus say about Mary’s worshipful action? (That it would be remembered throughout history!)


Make this cross fingerprint craft as a reminder of the forgiveness of sins! Find the instructions at Meaningful Mama.

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Wednesday of Holy Week

On Wednesday of Holy Week, read the biblical account of Jesus washing the disciples feet before the Last Supper.

  • Read John 13:1-17

Ask these reflection questions: 

What was the act of service that Jesus did for His disciples? (Washing their feet, which was commonly needed due to dusty roads that people walked. This was usually done by a house servant.)

Why did Jesus do this? (He was showing them His love, showing them that He wanted to serve others by what He was doing).

What do you think Jesus was trying to teach us by washing His disciples’ feet? (Set an example for us to love and serve one another, etc.)


Get a small basin of water and a towel and wash (or at least dab) each others feet with the water! It can get silly, but it’s still a great way to demonstrate the humble act of Christ in a visible way with your kids! :)

Maundy Thursday

Maundy means “commandment”. This is the day we read the account of Jesus giving the “new commandment” to His disciples during the Last Supper. Some people also refer to this day as Holy Thursday. 

  • Read Matthew 26:17-30

Ask these reflection questions:

How did everyone know who would betray Jesus? (“The one who dipped his hand in the bowl.” It’s important to remind our kids that Jesus loved Judas and was sorrowful over his betrayal.)

What does Jesus want us to remember every time we take communion? (That He gave his body and blood for us on the cross to forgive our sins!)


Attend a Maundy Thursday communion service if you can! You can also live-stream or take communion as a family at home if you can’t find a communion church service in your area. Use unleavened bread and grape juice. Read the “words of institution” from Matthew 26:26-29. 

Use this Last Supper Printable 3D Craft (fits on an egg carton!) after you read the Bible account. This is a great way to bring this passage of Scripture to life! (Photo courtesy of Catholic Icing)

Good Friday

This is the most somber day of Holy Week, where we reflect on Jesus’ crucifixion. Today, I’d suggest simply reading the Bible story about this event and ask your kids if they have any questions about it. Sometimes, our kids are thinking hard about something but never have had a chance to articulate their questions before!

If you would like some guidance on explaining Good Friday to your kids, I’ve written a guest post on the Go Minno blog with some helpful tips, and you can find it HERE.

Take turns reading the following passages out loud, a few verses at a time. You may find it more peaceful to do this at night when it is dark and read by lamplight or candlelight for a calmer, more serious mood. Take some time to pray after your Scripture reading.

  • Read Isaiah 53:4-6
  • Read Luke 23:1-49


Use some sidewalk chalk to draw a Holy Week “themed” drawing on your driveway or sidewalk. You could also make these Watercolor Crosses for a very simple craft. 

How to talk to your kids about Good Friday in an age-appropriate way! Help them understand Jesus' death on the cross as commemorated by the Christian church and what it means for us!

Easter Saturday

Today we read about the Jewish Sabbath, when all activity stopped, and Jesus’ followers had to wait until the next day to properly prepare his body for burial.

  • Read Luke 23:50-56
  • Read Isaiah 52:13-15

Ask these reflection questions: 

What loving thing did Joseph of Arimathea do for Jesus? (Took him down from the cross, wrapped him and placed him in the tomb. This tomb likely belonged to Joseph of Arimathea because he was a wealthy man.)

Why did the women from Galilee wait to prepare Jesus’ body for burial? (On the Sabbath, the Jewish people were expected to rest and not do anything that could be considered work. They got their spices and ointments ready, but had to wait until the next day to finish preparing Jesus for burial.)

Listen to some Easter worship music.


Make a Recipe today! You can also do this on Easter Sunday if you have time. Also, dye Easter eggs if you would like!

Easter Story Cookies

Easter Story Snack Mix

Homemade Resurrection Rolls

Resurrection Rolls with Pre-Made Crescent Dough (represents the empty tomb)

resurrection rolls

Bible verses for the Saturday before Easter (Holy Saturday) can be found HERE.

Easter Sunday

Celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection in a way that’s special to your family!

Go to your church service and sing for joy to the Lord. He is Risen!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Holy Week activities for families!

Intentionally celebrating the Easter season with your children is a wonderful way to help your family focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus in a way that is personal to each family member.

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