Looking for an easy Christmas game to use with your family, group or classroom this holiday season?

Download our “How many words can you make out of Merry Christmas” printable game!

This is a fun activity for a Christmas party with adults or older kids. You can definitely try it with younger children, but they may need some help!

How to play the how many words can you make out of Merry Christmas game

Give each person who wants to play the game a copy of the printable. Set a timer for however long you want them to try to make words out of Christmas.

I’d recommend starting with two minutes for adults and three minutes for kids. You can test it out on your own and if that feels too long, shorten the time up a bit.

Have participants write down as many words as fast as they can before the timer runs out! You can try making Christmas-related words or just a variety of different words :)

There is room to write 32 words on the printable, but players can always turn it over and write extra words on the back!

One article I read says there are 305 words you can make out of the letters in Merry Christmas! I’m not sure that you’ll have time for all of those, though it might be a fun challenge for yourself or your older kids on a long holiday road trip. :)

But here are a few words to get you started!

  • sit
  • chia
  • hat
  • ram
  • cream
  • mash
  • rhyme
  • shy
  • tea
  • arm
  • crate
  • hermit

There are some pretty hilarious words you can make!

How many words can you make out of Merry Christmas Free Printable

You can download this pdf file for personal use within your family, group or in your classroom. It prints out on a regular 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. You have the option to print it out on cardstock if you want it to hold up a little better.

Make as many copies as you need for your group.

Looking for more printable Christmas Word games?

I hope you’ll enjoy using these fun printable activities with your extended family at the holiday dinner table, your church or work group or your classroom this Christmas season!

Click the image below for your free printable digital download of How Many Words Can You Make Out of Merry Christmas!

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