Have you used your Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle freebies yet? They must be redeemed by May 19!

Here’s how I’m using mine for a healthy pregnancy and faster recovery after baby comes!

For the Fit2B Studio freebie, I’m redeeming my 2 months of free membership and using the pregnancy workouts! They have a big variety of videos plus they have safe workouts for those with diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominal muscles) that you can do after giving birth. I have this condition so I look forward to seeing how they’ll guide me though it!
With my $15 credit to TruKid, I actually ordered just one item to make my order completely free (plus only $2.25 shipping)! I purchased their baby wash, which has non-toxic and all natural ingredients. I feel better already about what I’m going to be using on baby come October.

I picked the Facial Mud Bundle for my Redmond freebie. Pretty excited about this since I’ve been wanting to try the detoxing and healing effects of clay for a long time! (Please read up on this yourself, but from what I’ve read, Redmond clay is safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.) I also added Redmond clay stomach ease capsules for my husband and I to the order, so that shipping was free. Shipping would have been $12.99 for the bundle alone and by adding a $13.99 item, at least I’m getting something extra plus free shipping.

I’m going to be trying the sourdough starter from Cultures for Health, mostly because I’ve been curious about it for a long time and have never made one of my own! This will be a healthier choice of bread for our family. According to an article I read recently, true sourdough bread can be eaten by those who are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease.

Woo hoo! So pumped about my free 3 month subscription to Plan to Eat! You can add in your own recipes and they will give you a shopping list and simple drag and drop menu planner. This will help me organize meals during our busy summer and also for after baby arrives (one less thing to think about and I can do it ahead of time!). 

I used my Bee All Natural store credit to get baby diaper rash cream. I’ve just decided this time that a more natural alternative to zinc oxide is the way we’re going to go! (Plus, who doesn’t want a free lip balm too?) My order total was $7.20 ($1.25 over the credit for the balm, plus $5.95 for shipping).

At first I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to use my credit to Trilight Health. But then I found their Contract Ease liquid herb mixture for after-birth pains and uterine cramps. Yes, please! Praying that it helps, as mine seem to get worse after each child. My total was $6.99 (shipping cost).

These products have really been helpful for me as we pursue more natural living in our home. How are you using your freebies?

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