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This year I must admit I’m not doing a whole lot of DIY Christmas gifts, with the exception of my Three-Ingredient Hot Cocoa Mix. But last year, I was looking for a unique and classy gift to give to some good friends.

I came across a blog post at Kojo Designs that gave me the inspiration to make up some spice rubs (or grill rubs, whatever you prefer to call them). I used two of the printables and recipes from the post and then found another recipe and made up my own label for the third rub.


I bought some little containers at Bed, Bath & Beyond (with coupons of course!) and then stirred up double batches of each spice rub: click on each link for the recipe.

Greek Rub
Brown Sugar Rub
Red Chili Rub

On each label, it lists the type of meat is best for each rub. I made the label for the Red Chili Rub in Photoshop Elements but you can probably make your own in Picmonkey as well! After attaching the labels, I filled the containers with the spice rub. I can’t remember exactly what amount fit in each container but it will vary depending on what you buy or how you package it. Typically you use about 1 Tablespoon seasoning for each pound of meat but it can certainly be to taste! I think these make great gifts for guys as well.

Just pop them in a cute gift bag or in a ribbon tied brown paper bag like this! Merry Christmas!

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