Win a copy of Scripture Lullabies music for children. Perfect for nighttime or anytime! Hidden in My Heart, a Journey through the Life of Jesus is available now and you can win your own copy!

Our family was introduced to the Scripture Lullabies albums about three years ago. We love having our children listen to Scripture set to music, but sometimes I found that Bible songs for kids weren’t very well-done musically. 

Hidden in My Heart: Scripture Lullabies combines very peaceful, classical melodies with vocals that are SO enjoyable to listen to even as an adult! I often have had their first two albums playing in the background during the day or in the car on a long ride (a great addition to the car activities we use for our bi-annual lengthy trip to visit the grandparents!).  


Hidden in My Heart Volume III: a Journey through the Life of Jesus is the newest release from Scripture Lullabies! We love it! Especially during the Advent and Christmas season it is a perfect addition to the music you’re likely playing in your home right now :)

Each song is based on a passage of the Bible about the different truths we can learn about Jesus. So perfect for memorizing Scripture in a way that will stick!

If you’d like to hear a song from Volume III, just watch the YouTube video below!


Scripture Lullabies is giving away a copy of their newest album right here at the blog! The winner can choose either a digital download of the album or a hard copy on CD!

To enter, leave a comment on this post, with contact information, and share a blessing you’ve received from God this year!

Grab a couple of Scripture Lullabies albums, perfect for Christmas gifts!

They are 20% off this week with code SAVE20B!

Did you know, you can now easily send a digital download of a Scripture Lullabies album to a loved one.  You can even schedule it for delivery on a certain day, making it the perfect gift for someone you love!  Click here to check it out! 


Giveaway is open until 12/15/2015, no purchase necessary to win! Leave your comment in the comment area below this post to win!


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23 Comments on Hidden in My Heart Scripture Lullabies Album Giveaway!

  1. God has poured out so many blessings on me this year but the number one has been the birth of my little boy. I ended getting pregnant out of wedlock before coming to know the Lord. My now husband and I went through a very difficult season where we split up (I was preparing myself to live the single mom life), but God had different plans for us. He worked in both of our hearts before our son was born to show us how wrongfully we were living and that if something didn’t change, our son would be the next to fall into sinful ways. After a few months went by, we fell in love with God and with each other. We are now married and can faithfully say that Christ is the center of our marriage and our household. The Lord’s blessings are endless and truly can turn even the worst of situations into good for those who love and believe in Him.

    • Alice, this is such an amazing testimony! Praise God! It gives me such joy to know how He has redeemed your life and marriage. Thank you so much for sharing here!!

  2. My younger daughter loves to listen to music at night. She would love this album! My blessing: our church has been incredibly generous to us this year, and I am grateful!

  3. I don’t even listen to the Christian radio this time of year with all the secular Christmas music they play. This would be a great way to celebrate musically and stay focused on the real Christmas.

  4. Love the beautiful music! God has blessed us with our first baby this year!

  5. I’m excited to see there is a third volume as I have loved the first two and didn’t know there was a new one! God has blessed us this year with celebrating 10 years of marriage, a second baby boy due in February and ministry opportunities to encourage our church family.

  6. I love this so much and i Would so Happy to win for my daughter :) love, tabby

  7. I would love to win one of these! Thanks for the give away. One of the many blessings I have received this year is finding out my sister is going to have a baby girl!!!! This would be a perfect gift for her:)

  8. Our family would love a copy of the Scripture Lullabies!

    This year we have been especially blessed by our church. A new pastor has really encouraged and challenged each of us in our walk with the Lord, and we’re sensing many positive changes in ministries and relationships throughout the church.

  9. I would love to win this for my granddaughter. Thanks for the offer.

  10. What a great gift! ☺️
    My husband and I have received tons of blessings this year but our heart is grateful specially because after many years the Lord blessed us with twins!

  11. We have received countless financial blessings that God has used through people around us.

  12. We have their first cd and love it! I even lent it to my mom to listen to while in the hospital after surgery. she enjoyed it too :)

    I have been so blessed with my second little boy this summer!

  13. I have been wanting to start collecting these for a while now! Have been recommended by friends w/kids of all ages. What a sweet way to impress a love of God’s Word and music on young hearts!
    Great blessings this past year include a scholarship for our last year of seminary and also our new small group :)

    God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  14. What a great giveaway! God has blessed our family with another baby, due in early Feb 2016! It has been a good pregnancy and baby has been healthy all along, which is another wonderful blessing. We are looking forward to the true blessing when baby is born in Feb!

  15. The Lord has Blessed me and my family with health this year and many of our extended family have come to know Christ! God Bless your ministry and your family!!!

  16. God Blessed me this year with good health for my family and with a new nephew:)

  17. Sounds great! Would really enjoy a copy for quiet time or bed time for my kids. God has blessed me this year with so many things! But I think some of the greatest blessings have been new friendships with other Moms.

  18. What a great giveaway! We’ve been blessed this year with an outpouring of grace in many different forms in a season of waiting.

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