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Get Clarity on Your Essential Oil Questions

The world of essential oils can be confusing and overwhelming. Maybe you just want the basics so you can get started using oils to help your loved ones, without worrying about feeling pressured to buy from a certain person or company.

Over the past four years, I’ve learned a lot about how to use essential oils safely and effectively with my family!

But I wish I’d had someone to give me some simple, easy-to-use information so that it didn’t take me so long to figure out how to use essential oils, which ones I needed, how I could maximize my budget, and which ones were the safest for kids!

My goal to break things down to the basics and give you a helpful knowledge base with lots of tips and recipes to get you started right away with using essential oils with your kids.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Safe use of oils based on age
  • How to apply them for maximum effectiveness
  • The three most versatile oils and how to use them
  • How to dilute, diffuse and apply oils so they work
  • Simple recipes that you can easily DIY
  • There is no MLM required to join this course (psst…I’m not a part of one either!)

I’d love to give you the confidence you need to use essential oils safely and effectively with your family! Take the course right now by filling in your info below.

Use oils safely and with confidence!

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