I found this fun idea on Pinterest and thought it would be something my kids would love. And indeed they did. Simple art, science and fun all rolled into one! This is what you’ll need to make Magic Milk Paint.
Food coloring
Dish soap
Toothpick or bamboo skewer

Pour your milk into a small dish with a lip. We used some Tupperware container lids and it prevented (most) spills. We used almond milk because it was nice and thick (the original called for whole milk). I think if you use skim milk that the colors won’t be quite as spectacular.

Add a variety of food coloring drops to your milk dish. Dip the “magic” toothpick into dish soap and let your kids tap it onto one of the food coloring drops. The soap will disrupt the surface (intelligent-sounding scientific term: reduce the surface tension) of the milk, pushing the color away from the toothpick.

Continue to dip, allowing the colors to swirl together. 

Pretty magical!

Eventually the milk will turn a lovely blue-green color and then you can start all over again with fresh milk! Good times!

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5 Comments on Frugal Fun: Magic Milk Paint

  1. Hi Aimee,

    It depends on how crazy your child gets swirling the colors together. I would say it lasted 5 minutes or so with my kids before all the colors became a pretty blue swirl :) They loved it!

  2. Visiting from LLI LInky Party – very fun. I love that I have everything in my house to do this!! Thanks.

  3. Thanks Beth! I linked up last week at your blog and plan to again this time around…such fun to get ideas from others.

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