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Today I wanted to give you 21 practical ideas for Christmas gifts that are both frugal and meaningful. Sometimes frugal is equated with “cheap” but I don’t believe that is truly the intent behind low-cost gift giving.

Due to our internet being down for five days, I haven’t been able to write as much as I’d like. This is the final post in our series “How to Create a Memorable Christmas on a Small Budget“! I hope you’ve enjoyed walking along with me on renewing our minds and refocusing this season.

As a family we are trying to move away from getting dead-end gifts: those that will be used for a short time and then forgotten about and discarded. Instead we are trying to remain frugal at Christmas (so we can remain debt free) while also giving our children gifts that will bring us together, not just toys that split us apart into our own little corners. :)

frugal Christmas gifts that are meaningful

21 Frugal Christmas Gifts with Lasting Meaning

This gift list should give you some inspiration and ideas that you can use to bless the special people in your life this season in a frugal way! Not all of them are “bare bones” ideas, but they are all suggestions that will actually be used and enjoyed for a long time–which is a great way to make the most of your budget!

There are some links to different products or the tutorials that go along with the ideas. Have a very Merry Christmas!

1) Experience Gifts

This could be anything from purchasing a yearly zoo membership to taking a frugal trip to a local attraction. You can make up little cards to put in the kids’ stockings that tell them about and get them excited about their experience gift for the year! Our children’s grandparents have given them money for t-ball or swim lessons (along with gifts they can open because grandparents like to do that too) ;)

2) Repurpose an old picture frame and make a memory board or jewelry holder.

picture frames with wire strung across and tiny clothes pins:

3) DIY Lego Table or Tray – Here’s a Lego tray you can make for as little as $5!

4) DIY Letter Artwork – the photo below is from my friend Tiffany. She used some old buttons they found at her grandmother’s house to make these for her children and nieces/nephews!


5) Easy No-Sew Fleece Blanket – we have several of these and they are such a great gift for a child, maybe to make for children in your community who do not normally receive gifts for Christmas!

6) DIY iPad Display and Chalkboard–I made one for myself using scrap wood and stain I already had and use it constantly!

DIY iPad Stand

7) Homemade Spice Rubs for Cooking – homemade gifts are gifts I consider to have lasting meaning when they are truly useful and thoughtful!


8) Homemade Hot Cocoa 

9) DIY Pumpkin Pie Spice Sugar Scrubs

10) Homemade Bubble Bath – combine with a couple of fun bath toys for your littlest ones!

11) Age-Appropriate Bible – There are many nice Bibles that can be found for a reasonable price, from children’s Bibles to adult Bibles that have great commentaries. This is definitely a gift with lasting meaning! If you’re looking for a Children’s Storybook Bible , I’ve highlighted four kids’ story Bibles that we feel are worth purchasing. These are nice to use as a “collective” gift for everyone to enjoy!

12) Books! They’re the perfect gift that lasts and doesn’t have to be expensive!

I have lots of ideas for Christian families over in my Purposeful Mom Amazon store page! You can shop through my Amazon store page for any kind of books, like one of our favorites pictured below :)

13) Open ended and collective toys – A large set of classic Legos, building blocks or Lincoln Logs can be a great way to encourage creativity and learn to work together with their siblings! One year we found several boxes of Hot Wheels cars at a garage sale for a cheap price and our kids were thrilled! You don’t always have to buy new, it’s perfectly fine to buy toys that are “new to you” :)

14) Family Class

Why not enroll your family in a fun class that you can all do together? Pottery, painting and ice skating are just the start of ideas!

15) Cooking Class for Kids

Gift a cooking class to your budding chef! Check out the Kids Cook Real Food classes HERE! You can do these online cooking classes together too!

16) Heirloom Cookbooks This is a great DIY project to preserve all the beautiful recipes from your mom, grandma or other loved ones!

17) Family and friends photo book for babies – My mom made one of these for each of my babies!

18) DVDsWhat’s in the Bible is our favorite series! It teaches children the history of the Bible and many interesting things about church history as well and how God’s Word teaches us today! They’re funny too! You can buy standalone volumes or an entire collection! You might also consider gifting a family-friendly streaming service so you can watch movies together!

Image result for what's in the bible

19) Audiobooks – American Girl, Brinkman Family Adventures and Little House audiobooks are well loved by our kids ages 4, 7 and 9!

20) Art journaling supplies or art supplies – easy to purchase with coupons at stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

21) Pajamas – Quite often you can find pajamas on sale around Christmas time, we purchased a set of pajamas for each of our kids for $7.99 each. Something they love to find in a package or their stocking and keeps them cozy for many months (at least where we live the cold weather lasts many months!). What about matching pajamas for your whole family?


Swedish Dish Cloths are my favorite gift for teachers, aunts and friends that already seem to have everything! You can find them on Amazon or you can support a small business and buy some from Scandinavian North in Stillwater, MN!

MadeOn Hard Lotion bars, lip balms and other body care products! Just three ingredients in these lotion bars that are perfect for winter season and for those who do a lot of airplane travel (they are lotion and shampoo bars so no worries about liquids!). Click HERE or the photo below to see all their products–my favorite is the Peppermint Lip Balm, I keep several on hand for gifting throughout the year!

What are your best ideas for frugal Christmas gifts that have lasting meaning?

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