Here at Friday Favorites and Freebies, I’m sharing some of the best articles and blog posts I’ve read this week on various topics as well as any Kindle or other freebies I come across. I hope you enjoy them!  
Great Blog Posts!
Faith: The Gift that Takes Away Comparison at Mom’s Mustard Seeds
Family and Motherhood: Biblical Love Seeketh Not Her Own at These Five of Mine Plus Two, Homeschooling a Strong-Willed Child at Nursery of the Nation and Encouraging a Thankful Heart at Doorposts

Food and Homemaking: How to Maintain (Some) Order in a Shared Kids Room at Feminine Adventures and Home-Management Binder Ideas at Time Warp Wife

Frugality: Shopping Online when you have a Cash Budget at I Am THAT Lady

Fun!: Valentine’s Day String Hearts from Motherhood on a Dime

Blogging: 4 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Visibility at Social Media Examiner

Free Downloads

Free Kindle Downloads: A Love-ly Day (children’s book), Jimmy the Racing Frog, Circle of Friends Cookbook: 25 Favorite Recipes, Special Dinners for Two, Dinner a Day Slow Cooker: 365 Recipes

Free eBook: Saving Money on Groceries

Read any good posts this week?

Some of these links are affiliate links.
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5 Comments on Friday Favorites and Freebies

  1. Thank you, Jenn, for including my post. I think it’s neat that you have started to put this together for weekend reading! Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  2. I love your new Friday feature… and love discovering new blogs and reading encouraging posts.

    (I read These Five of Mine PLUS Two’s post earlier this week and it keeps on coming back to me. As I take the kids to the bathroom in the night, wash laundry… oh, it’s so easy to do things for *me* not for God’s glory and *their* good.

    Thanks so much for linking to my post! It’s and honor to be featured!

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