Here at Friday Favorites and Freebies, I’m sharing some of the best articles and blog posts I’ve read this week on various topics as well as any Kindle or other freebies I come across. I hope you enjoy them!  
Great Blog Posts!
Faith: Channeling our Passion for the Gospel at Good Morning Girls
Family and Motherhood: I LOVED this “You First” post at Doorposts on a tangible way to teach brotherly (and sisterly) love in your family.

Food and Homemaking: Planning the Family Garden at Raising Homemakers and Room Organization at Joyful Homemaking

Frugality: DIY Showerhead Cleaner at Frugally Sustainable and 12 Ways to Use Vinegar at Under the Golden Apple Tree (written by Jacinda from Growing Home)

Fun!: Three Snowy Snacks from Motherhood on a Dime

Blogging: Is Blogging Burdensome? at Blogging with Amy

Free Downloads

Free Kindle Downloads: Discover Series: Baby Animals, Who is Blue at the Zoo? (book for little ones), Into the Free (this one looks to have some great reviews) – Thanks to The Peaceful Mom for mentioning these free downloads!

Free eBooks: Messy Faces in Divine Places (free to subscribers of Time-Warp Wife) Saving Money on Groceries

You can also download The Labyrinth: Part 1 of 3 from Adventures in Odyssey for free. I’m not sure if they offer the other parts of this episode for free or not!

Read any good posts this week?

Some of these links are affiliate links.

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