During November, we see a lot of focus on “giving thanks”, both from a religious and secular perspective. But the act of “thanksgiving” is empty and unfulfilling if you have no one to thank!

Lately, I’ve been convicted about keeping Scripture in front of me at all times, especially as the mom of a newborn with little time to read long Bible passages when my attention is constantly diverted.

So instead, I’ve been focusing on printing verses and putting them up around the house! This reminds me of who God is and who I am giving thanks to during this season as well!

Thanksgiving Scripture cards for table

My real-life friend Lindsey created four beautiful printable Thanksgiving Scripture place cards, perfect for use in at least two ways:

  • Printing and placing around your house so you can remember Who to thank during this Thanksgiving season and His goodness to you!
  • Printing and framing or otherwise displaying them as place cards or in a centerpiece display for your Thanksgiving meal! Perfect for guests to take home with them as a remembrance of the day and so they can have Scripture up in their home as well!

Just click the link below to download your place cards, I hope you enjoy them! They are 4×6 in size, so you can frame them or just place them next to each person’s spot at the table. They can also be folded in half like a little table tent. These cards would look great printed on cardstock.

Click here to download 4 Free Printable Thanksgiving Scripture Place Cards  – Updated Design!

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  1. Thanks for letting me know, Bethany! I am not sure exactly what happened, but I reuploaded the file and it should work now! Thanks!

  2. Christmas and Thanksgiving have been so secularized that God is burried under gingerbread men, trees, turkeys, black frday sopping, and a longETC. You ae right… these holidays are empty unless you are aware of God and believe in Him. Thanks for the pretty verses … i will print them and keep them for years to come. i have a toddler at home and never have time to decorate… this is a cute and easy way!

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