Positive printable Scripture affirmations for all Christian moms, straight from God’s Word! 

Being a mom is hard. It’s a wonderful calling, but it’s not an easy one!

I find that I need more encouragement as a mom than I did as a teen or a young adult. And when we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others or wishing we were like “her”, we can begin to feel discouraged, unsure, and self-conscious about how we are doing in parenting.

A while ago, I saw some “affirmations for moms” on a website. I clicked through but they weren’t really what I was looking for. They were positive words, but they didn’t do much to encourage me.

So I decided to create some Scriptural affirmations for moms:  words straight from God’s Word that come with unchanging promises and joyous blessings.

Scriptural Affirmations for Moms with Printable Floral Watercolor Notecards

When we are unsure of ourselves, we can know that God is with us and will uphold and sustain us. The Holy Spirit through the Word will give us the truth we need to mother with confidence.

These Scriptural affirmations for motherhood don’t give you specific instructions on how to handle tantrums or kids who refuse to go to bed at night, but they do give you reassurance and the promise that God is with you and can lead you as you parent!

Download our free printable Scriptural Affirmations for Moms by clicking HERE or the image below!

You’ll get the verses in both ESV and KJV when you download them.

Scriptural Affirmations for Moms with Printable Floral Watercolor Notecards

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  1. These are lovely, thank you for sharing! I printed them for my Bible study today and all the women took a flower and a verse home. I appreciate that they are not just “affirmations,” but bringing hope from the Word of God. Keep up the good work!

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