Use these printable cards to share the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

They’re a simple and easy addition to your Sunday School Bible lessons during the Easter season and a great opportunity to teach the true meaning of Easter.

Enjoyed most by young children (age 2 on up) to elementary age students (age 8-9), this printable is a fun way to teach the Easter story. It is based on the accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection found in the gospel of Matthew.

You can use it in a couple of different ways:

  • As a folding mini-book
  • As separate Bible verse cards

I’ll share instructions in more detail below!

5 Creative ways to use these printable Easter story cards

  • Hide around your house and find them on Easter morning, having your young children put them in order
  • Make them into cards by printing out on card stock, laminating and cutting apart. Punch a hole, adding them to a loose-leaf ring and use for Scripture memorization, as you can see in the above picture.
  • Use them in children’s church to tell the gospel story of salvation through Jesus. Print them out on regular paper and then fold as shown in the photos below.
  • Talk through the Bible Story of Jesus with the youngest students in your Sunday school class by using the cards alongside a children’s Bible (these are our favorites!)

Bible stories to Read Along with the Easter Story Printable

Here are the Bible verses noted on the cards as well as some longer versions of the Bible stories you can talk through using the printable Easter story minibook/cards:

  1. Palm Sunday – read about the events of Palm Sunday using the story of the triumphal entry in Matthew 21:1-11
  2. Last Supper (Maundy Thursday) – read about Jesus’ breaking bread with His disciples for the last time in Matthew 26:17-30
  3. Jesus’ Betrayal – there is no specific card for this but if you have elementary students (over age 5) you can go deeper by reading about Jesus being betrayed in the Garden of Gethsemane in Matthew 26:47-55
  4. Crucifixion (Good Friday) – read the account of Pilate and Jesus’ trial in Matthew 27:11-26
  5. Body of Jesus in the Tomb – read about Joseph of Arimathea in Matthew 27:57-61
  6. Stone Rolling Away – read Matthew 28:1-5 to share the amazing “opening scene” of the Resurrection!
  7. He is Risen! – read the story of the angel appearing to Mary Magdalene and Mary in Matthew 28:5-10
  8. Go and Tell the Good News – read Matthew 28:8-10 where the women at the tomb go to the disciples in Galilee and tell them that Jesus is alive and coming to visit!
  9. End your time by reading the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20, which was given not only to the disciples but also to us so that we can be witnesses of the importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection to the whole world.

Discussion Questions You can Ask about the Easter Story for Kids

  • What animal did Jesus ride in on when He came to Jerusalem? (A donkey)
  • What did people wave as He rode past them? (Palm branch or palm leaf)
  • What did Jesus’ do with His disciples at the Last Supper? (Ate together, Jesus said “this is my body, this is my blood”, etc)
  • What was placed on Jesus’ head before He went to the cross? (Crown of thorns)
  • Why did Jesus die on the cross? (To forgive us, to save us, etc)
  • What happened on the morning of the third day after Jesus died? You could say “Easter morning” so the youngest kids make that connection. (They found the tomb empty/Jesus rose from the dead)
  • Who appeared to the people at the empty tomb? (An angel)
  • Who was the first person to see Jesus alive again? (Mary Magdalene)
  • Who did Mary go and tell about Jesus’ resurrection? (The disciples)

Object Lesson to go along with Easter story cards:

Make this delicious and allergy-safe Easter Story Snack Mix and use it as an object lesson to tell the story of Easter!

Teach Easter Bible Verses to Memorize

These printable Easter cards are a great way to introduce even the littlest ones to God’s Word and provides Sunday school teachers with an easy tool to do encourage students in their Christian faith. I hope they are helpful to you.

Additional Activities for Sunday School Easter Lessons

Looking for more ideas and free Easter resources for your Sunday school or children’s ministry? Here are several suggestions for different ages.

1) This simple Easter card craft is perfect for little hands. Just print on card stock, color and share!

2) Use these printable Easter coloring pages from Mary Martha Mama as a way to fill some time or make copies for your children’s activity bags at church.

3) Check out this free Easter Sunday school lesson from Children’s Ministry Deals

4) Our Holy Week activities can be used as suggestions for your Sunday school families. Just share the link to THIS POST!

5) Buy a set of Resurrection eggs and use them during the several weeks leading up to Resurrection Sunday.

6) Enjoy this empty tomb craft during activity time.

Download the Easter Story Printable HERE.

I hope this free printable Easter story and Easter activities are helpful for your Sunday school kids!

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