Looking for monthly calendars? I’ve begun creating some 2022 free printable calendars in PDF format, making it easy for you to securely download and print them right from your device.

This time it’s a calendar for the fourth month of the year (can you believe we’ve already made it this far–ha!). This free printable April calendar for the current year has some pretty spring flowers in a calming eucalyptus and pink color scheme. It also has a little area for notes on the bottom.

It’s a very simple printable calendar that you can use in a variety of ways:

  • Print and hang up on your fridge to just mark off the days (or remind yourself what day it is like I have to do!) :)
  • Print out several copies, one for each family member, to write in any important events or appointments they have throughout the month.
  • Use it to write down a prayer topic for each day of the month of April to remind yourself to pray.

It’s a US letter paper size so you can print it on your home printer. It will print in portrait, not landscape orientation, so just be aware of that.

If you’d like a different format, I’ve also included a copy of this calendar with a Bible verse on the bottom next to the notes.

You can also find a blank calendar template for the month of April that’s not specific to a certain year if you’d like to download it and keep it for the future.

Download the free April monthly calendar template PDF files in each version that I’ve mentioned by clicking the links below.

They’ll open up as an Adobe PDF so you will need a free version of Adobe reader or another PDF reader, which may already be available on your phone or computer.

Free Printable April Calendar Template

Enjoy this free printable one-page April calendar!

Can you help me out? What other kinds of printables would you like to see?

Here are some ideas I’ve come up with:

  • A monthly planner template
  • Habit tracker
  • Editable format calendar (so you can create your own monthly calendar and fill in important events and add your own photo or design)
  • Family calendar (this might have to be printed on multiple sheets of paper but would have enough space for important dates, family schedules, etc for each person)
  • More monthly free printable calendar templates
  • Daily schedule printable to write down daily tasks and routines

Let me know in the comments!

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8 Comments on Free Printable April 2022 Calendar Template PDF

  1. Hi, are you still creating calendars? I love your art and beautiful lay-out. I hope you still are creating these and that everything is ok

    • Thank you for checking in on me and for your kind comment, Renee! I have to admit I didn’t do more of these after the school year, but am going to pick them back up in September! We had summer break and so I was just super busy with the kiddos at home :D Thanks so much for the reminder–stay tuned for more!

  2. Hi! I would like to have some seasonal boredom buster/bucket list ideas printable. or things to do at home instead of using devices. Sibling activity pack or fun sheets to do, scavenger hunts around home, indoors type of things, thank you for your hard work and supporting moms!!!You are a faithful servant of our Father!!!

  3. These calendars are lovely thank you. The kind of printables I especially like are pretty pocket sized cards with an encouraging Bible verse that I can print off and laminate, book marks also.

  4. Thanks this will come in handy. I do the bulletin for the church and always try to find a calendar and this will fit great by the computer and in my notes. Thanks again. It is truly beautiful.

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