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This past January, I found out that I was pregnant with our fourth child. My emotions were mixed: I love having babies, but I always suffer from extreme “all-day” sickness, rendering me pretty much unable to eat anything but bland food or drink straight water for several months.
About this same time, everyone in our family fell ill from a virus similar to influenza (except me, thankfully!). Once we finally recovered and as the winter months dragged on, we all felt sluggish and tired, probably due to the fact that we weren’t eating very well. Because I could barely stand to be in the kitchen, most of our meals were packaged food. I tried very hard to include fruits and vegetables, but I couldn’t stomach raw foods myself, so that probably went by the wayside a bit too often.
Now that spring has finally appeared (it was snowing up until two weeks ago where I live) and I am finally starting to feel less nauseous, I’m bound and determined to get back to healthy eating habits and make even healthier choices than we were before I was feeling sick. Here are four ways we’re changing our diet and habits to get healthy this summer.
Read about our four life changes over at Untrained Housewife, where I’m a contributing author!

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