Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be re-sharing some posts that I had last year as part of a series called Spring Into Summer. My blog has grown much, thanks to all of you, in the past year, so many may not have seen these posts. I hope to give you some tools to prepare ahead of time for a fun, creative and relaxing summer. 

I am so excited to have another great guest post, this one brought to you by my friend Stacie at Motherhood on a Dime

Summer will be here before you know it…and along with it, kids who need something to do! As the mom of three little girls (ages 4 to 7), I understand the need to keep them occupied and engaged during the long, hot summer days. Here are four inexpensive items I keep in my “summer activity box”.

1) Sidewalk Chalk

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use chalk:

  • Build a chalk city (this keeps them entertained for so long!!)
  • Practice letters and numbers
  • Draw and play hopscotch
  • Review spelling words

2) Bubbles

Bubbles and summer days just seem to go together. Here are a few bubble-blowing variations you might try:


3) Foil

You can pick up a roll of foil fairly inexpensively at a dollar-type store or use a coupon to get a good deal. Here are just a few ideas for foil:


4) Water

Well, I can’t actually store water in my activity box, but there are so many fun activities to do with water during the summer!

Do you have any inexpensive summer fun ideas?

Stacie is the mom of three little girls and wife to her college sweetheart. A former teacher, she blogs about kid’s activities, bargains, faith, and life over at Motherhood on a Dime. She also loves skimming through Pinterest to find favorite crafts for kids, homeschooling, and organizational ideas.

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2 Comments on Four Essential Items for Frugal Kids Summer Activities

  1. What a great post. We used to float aluminum foil boats all the time. And sidewalk chalk? It was a summertime regular in my neighborhood.

    Now here’s one for you. Ever heard of Chinese jumpropes? My friends made them out of rubber bands. I loved learning the different moves and it was great that three could participate at a time. Now that’s a cheap activity!

    Following you from the Family Fun Friday hop. Would love it if you’d follow me back and come by on Wednesdays for my blog hop.

    Ducks ‘n a Row

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