Finding time as a mom during the day to fit everything is, can be challenging on many aspects. But as the number of children in your family grows, it starts to seem impossible to find quality time with each of your children individually. With so much going on during your day and week, is it realistic to have quality time with each child?

I’ve learned over the years that it is possible, but you’ve got to make it a priority and a learn to be creative at times to fit in special time with every child.

Here are few ways that can help inspire you to carve out time with all your special blessings:
  • Make a special day. Find a day of the week and make it that particular kids “special” day. If mom is going to the store or running some type of errand, then that child will get to go with you by themselves.
  • Set aside prayer time. Pick a day of the week and assign to one child for a special prayer time with mom. (example: Monday- Johnny Tuesday-Susie etc.) It might not be hours with them a lone but it’s about the quality that matters. Time alone with you, them and God.
  • Let them pick the fun. Have a once a month or every other month where they get to choose something they would like to do with you. You’ll be surprise in what some of them pick.
  • Be flexible. There are going to be days or weeks when things just happen and you might not be able to fit it all in. Learn to be flexible and maybe put it on a different day or week.
  • Learn to be creative. This is the fun part! Taking a walk, going through their favorite drive-thru, going to run errands, making a craft together, going out for a donut and hot chocolate, etc. (you get the idea) Remember it doesn’t need to be hours, it might just be 30 minutes!
  • Make it a priority. With anything that is important to you, it’s got to be a priority. When things are a priority, you make the time to do them. Sometimes we all have good intentions but it’s another to put stuff on the calendar and just do it!

There will be times and seasons that it’s not possible to do this every week or maybe a certain season that is just a bit unusual, but you can always fit in time for prayer with them before they go to bed. Since I have 7 kids right now, (soon to be 8) I divide my days for each day of the week. Monday I start with my oldest, Tuesday the 2nd oldest and so on.

Each family is different in it’s size and circumstances, but as the mom you just need to be creative and purposeful in making those connections!

All in all, it’s not the big things in life that make the most impact, but it’s the little special moments when you connect with your child’s heart is what makes all the difference. When they know that this time is special to you, it’s something they will look forward to and will remember for years to come!

“Make a memory with your children, spend some time to show you care; toys and trinkets
can’t replace those precious moments that you share.”
-Elaine Hardt

Jennifer has been married to her high school sweet heart for 18 + years and God has blessed them with 7 (soon to be 8 ) wonderful children to raise for Him.

Jennifer is a Pastor’s wife and has been in full-time ministry for 13 years.  She lives in a small town community, and loves spending time with family, being outdoors, reading, and shopping at thrift stores.
When she is not homeschooling during the day, she’s busy trying to save money, keep the house organized and teaching her children to have a closer walk with the Lord.


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4 Comments on Finding Quality Time with Each of Your Children

  1. Jennifer…some of your ideas I have done and still do with my children. Mine are older so I try to take advantage of any time I have with them. Lunch dates, stopping by their places of work to say hi, enjoying conversations in the car, etc. It’s about being intentional. Thank you for sharing good encouragement and passing it on at WJIM Monday’s Musings. Blessings.

  2. My biggest ally in the quest to spend quality time with each of my kids is asking them to be my special helper during certain tasks. Even my teens enjoy this, and we get in some great conversation over those simple chores. Folding laundry is make all the better when you’re hearing a child’s heart!

  3. Someone just asked me this past week “how do I make time for each of my children” I only have 4 but I find it’s a struggle. I think the key is making it a priority. We find so many other things that fill our time that we give ourselves excuses for not making it happen. Thank you for reminding me once again how important it is.

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