On Friday, my little boy broke his collarbone. He was at the country church where my husband pastors and had one leg over the communion rail at the front of the church in an attempt to climb over. My husband said, “Get down, Will.” As Will was obeying and swinging his leg back over, it got caught and he fell directly on his right side. On the way back to the house he was crying incessantly, but the phone nurse told us to wait and come in the next day. That night he was better, but still in pain.
So the next morning, DH took him to the ER and had some “pictures taken” (X-ray) of his little body and it showed a clean break of his collarbone. He came home in a Snoopy sling, smiling and showing it off. He hasn’t slept well at night though, and neither have we! Please pray for him that he will heal quickly…he starts preschool tomorrow! He’s supposed to take it easy, but that means nothing to a 3 year old :) Praise God that he will heal on his own; our bodies are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I know it’s a small thing, but it’s a big thing for a little guy!

Here is a photo of Will in his sling.


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