During the summer, our daily schedule tends to go out the window. I think it’s because we need a break from the structure of scheduled activities, schoolwork and other events. Or maybe it’s because where we live, the weather is finally nice and all my kids want to do is play outside and hang out at the local pool and eat popsicles! (I can’t blame them!)

That’s a photo of our littlest cutie as a two year old last summer, she and popsicles got to be good friends ;) 

I’m totally fine with a more flexible routine, but the one thing I decided I needed to do to keep my sanity in the summer was to keep the house relatively clean and organized. I feel like because we’re so busy during the school year, we all tend to slack on taking care of our home. 

As I write, my bedroom has become a dumping ground for everything I haven’t put away or organized over the past couple months, and it drives me crazy! 

This mess made me think that it’s not so much about just doing a big cleanup and then hope things don’t get messy again, but it’s more about maintaining a general sense of calm, cleanliness and the hope that my 6 year old can at least find clean socks when he needs them–ha! 

So I created a Summer Family Chore Chart (or Cleaning Schedule, is what I like to call it). I made it into some printables and thought I’d share it with you too! 

The schedule is laid out by days of the week (excluding Sundays), with spaces for writing in chores that will be done each day of that particular week, a spot for writing in everyday chores and an area for putting in “Jobs for Hire” or “Help Wanted” section.

This is so that you can decide, depending on the age of your children, if you’d like to pay them for doing harder or more complicated tasks. (Find out how we handle whether or not to pay kids for chores in our family.)

One of the keys is to choose tasks for the weekdays that don’t take long to complete. Kiddos can still have lots of time in the day for free-time and summer fun while also learning responsibility :) Most of the chores that I listed on our chart take about 10 minutes. 

Here is a look at our cleaning schedule:

**I realized later that I forgot to add some other chores in the “help wanted” section, such as empty garbage and recycling, sweep porch and decks (we have two), and clean out the fridge and I also neglected to add load and unload the dishwasher in the daily section (I just wrote them in later).

Our Monday has a more detailed list of cleaning jobs because that is my husband’s day off so we can get more done when he’s there to help and also to supervise ;) You’ll probably have one day of the week that you can pack a little more full too!

Printable Summer Chore Charts – 4 Versions

I’ve provided links for a blank chart in both landscape and portrait for printing purposes. You can just print it out and then write in whatever cleaning ideas/chores suit your family! Here is a list of ideas for chores by age to get you started!

Hopefully this guide can help you find a cleaning routine that works for your family and schedule! Make it as flexible or as rigid as you need–something different works for everyone!

Click the links below to download your desired PDF copy of the Summer Family Cleaning Schedule:

***Please note, one version of this printable says “cleaning schedule” across the top, while another has “chore chart”. I figured people call it different things, so I did two versions!

Summer Family Cleaning Schedule Landscape

Summer Family Cleaning Schedule Portrait

Family Summer Chore Chart Landscape

Family Summer Chore Chart Portrait

Any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments! Have a wonderful summer!

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  1. I dread the summer holidays, my kids seem to think because the are on holiday from school they are also on holiday from chores! This is a good idea and will help to keep some organization over the summer!

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