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The first fourteen verses of Ephesians chapter one tells us who we are in Christ; verses 15-23 show us more of what God has done for us and gives to us through Christ. 

God showed his mighty strength when He seated Christ above all things, giving Him absolute power and authority for all eternity (vs. 19-21). He is the ruler and master. I love what my People’s Bible Commentary said: “No authority figure can successfully oppose the risen and ascended Christ.”

God appointed Him head of the church, and Christ uses His power for the good of the church, His body with whom He has a deep and profound relationship (vs. 22-23). Not only are we filled by Christ but we as the church also fill Him! He wants intimate fellowship with us as we walk through our Christian life.

God has called us to hope.  This isn’t the type of hope that we express when we say, “I hope the sun shines tomorrow” or “I hope we’re not late for the game.” It is an “assurance of things we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1) and a confident knowledge “that will not put us to shame” (Romans 5:5). The hope spoken of in the Scriptures does not disappoint us, even during times when we must cling tenaciously to that hope with our last bit of strength!

God gives us the spirit of revelation and wisdom (vs. 17) so that we can know Him better. How do we get to know God? Through His Word! When we spend time learning and meditating on the Scriptures, our eyes are opened to so many amazing truths!

What I love about all of these gifts is that we don’t do anything special to earn them. They are freely given without reservation because of Christ’s great, great love for us. Paul speaks of this love and grace in chapter two of Ephesians, which you can read about right here!


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  1. I love that you differentiate between the hope of things seen and those that are unseen! Our hope is eternal…one day our eyes will be open to all that we cannot make sense of just yet!

  2. “No authority figure can successfully oppose the risen and ascended Christ.” That statement from your commentary if the best! Thanks for sharing this post. Blessings!

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