If you’re looking for a good Valentine’s craft that teaches your child about God, try this “heart chain” as a countdown to Valentine’s Day that incorporates one of the names or attributes of God on each heart.

Read on for detailed instructions!

Countdown to Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Paper Chain to Teach Your Kids the Names of God

This is an easy Valentine’s Day craft for elementary kids but can be done by a preschooler with help! 

We made this at home, but you could also do it during children’s church or Sunday School with a bit of prep ahead of time. We found the original idea at Blessed Beyond a Doubt and switched it up a little for what we needed.

We decided to make 14 hearts for each chain, to count down to Valentine’s Day. 

Items Needed:


1. Start by cutting strips of construction paper the long way about one inch wide and 11 inches tall. I used a paper cutter but you could use a scissor (I just can’t cut straight!). 

2. Have each child choose 14 Names (Attributes) of God to write on their paper strips. We found a great list of the attributes of God along with Scripture verses HERE and also thought up some on our own.

This is also a good time to practice patterns as they choose which order their colors will go in for the chain.

3. Write one name or attribute of God on each paper strip. Try to write more in the middle of the heart because once you bend and staple it, then you’ll still be able to see the name.

My eight year old loved this craft!

My 10 year old participated too!

4. Once you’re done writing the names, fold your strips of paper into hearts, adding them one at a time to a chain. You can see below where to staple it. Then pinch the bottom of each strip of paper to make the “point” of the bottom of the heart. Then wrap another strip of paper around the first heart and repeat until you’re finished!

Side note: Not sure why my daughter insisted on wearing her summer jumpsuit while doing this craft in the middle of January, but at least it’s colorful! Ha.


The finished product!

Each day, we’ll take off a heart and read a Bible verse that goes along with each name or attribute of God. You can do a quick search in your Bible ahead of time to find verses that correspond to each name.

Need more ideas for Bible based Valentine’s Day crafts? Check out this post!

Printable Scripture Valentines

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