You know how doing chores gets old? I think it gets old even quicker for my kids! I’d like to say that my kids never complain, but that simply wouldn’t be true. However, I think they have pretty good attitudes about it most of the time, partly due to the fact that they’ve been picking up after themselves since they could put a block in a bucket!

Chores, jobs, jurisdictions, or whatever name they go by, are simply a part of life. So I’m trying to come up with some fun ways to mix things up when pick-up time comes along. Enter the “Chores by Flashlight” method!

Here’s how it works. Find a messy room {the easiest part!}. Darken the room if possible. Take any old flashlight and shine it on the object you want put away. Name said object and mention where it goes if needed. Repeat until the room is clean!

The first time we did this it was a very long process, mostly because there were a lot of little things to put away. But my children being four and six, they sometimes need directions one step at a time, instead of just saying “put away all the horsey stuff” or “line up your books”.

All in all this chore method makes for a very pleasant experience! There was quite a bit of giggling and silliness at first, but that’s okay, as long as things eventually get done. Even if mom needs to help a little :)

The kids’ room went from the mess you see above to this {note: I am not a decorator}:
Is it just me, or do all kids have random little collections on a shelf?
Animals lined up on the pillows:

The bookshelf {the yet-to-be-stained one that I made with my dad} nicely organized:

And clothes put away, which needs to be done almost every day in our house it seems!

How do you make chores a little more fun for your kids?

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6 Comments on Making Chores {a Little More} Fun: The Flashlight Game

    • Thanks for stopping by! It’s totally fine to be in the “block in the bucket” stage :) In fact, my 16 month old is there now, so he obviously can’t do anything too complicated. And of course he likes to take the blocks out of the bucket too!

  1. (found you via Woman Living Well)
    Awww that’s a cute idea for training them to clean up! :o)
    And on another note, I wish I had thought to use the word Purposeful rather than Productive when I was coming up with a name for my blog using the APE acronym! I try to be productive but don’t always succeed!
    Mary from

    • Thanks, Mary! I think “productive” is great! You can be aspiring to be productive, just like the rest of us :)

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