Use a mason jar for creating a DIY Bible Verse jar as a fun way to memorize Bible verses! Great for your kids! 

Recently I taught my kids some Bible verses for siblings so they could memorize Bible verses and hopefully remember to be more loving to each other!

My 10 year old daughter helped me create a visual reminder of these verses so we could read/learn them in during supper time–a Bible Verse Jar!

BIBLE VERSE memory jar

DIY Bible Memory Verse Jar

You can make one of these Bible verse jars for any verses you want to memorize, very easily.

What you need:

Just write the verses on the popsicle sticks, decorate and put in your jar! Let your kids help with this activity, they can even make one for their room to help them remember Bible verses!

Need ideas for HOW to memorize Bible verses with your kids?

Check out the tips below from some blog readers I surveyed!

Start small! It’s all about repetition. Say the verse together 5x a day. They will have it memorized in record time! Our five year old can recite most of the OT books, the first chapter of Psalms and he is working on the Beatitudes. Repetition is all we do!

I found a site on Pinterest that has scriptures in manuscript and cursive. I print the same scripture daily, in cursive, because that is the level my kids are at, and we say the scripture and write it until memorized.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time and put your heart into each verse. I started with ones that were important to me at the time.

Little ones like the erase method. Write out the verse on a white board, and say it together. Take turns erasing one word, then say it together. 

We do one verse a month we recite it every single morning before school work.

We read a Bible story every night before bed and I randomly choose a simple verse for my girls and me to memorize from one of the stories we have read. I put it on a note card and have it on a shelf in their bedroom. So every night before bed we go over it just once and do this every night for a month. By the end of the month, we haven’t pressured ourselves to memorize it, it just gets memorized by reading it that many times in a month. My kids are 5 and 3.

I hope this memory jar craft and tips help you and your kids learn Bible verses! 

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