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I am very excited today to bring you a super fun and unique giveaway! Nicole Beard from Working Kansas Homemaker has an Etsy shop called Crafty Beards, where she sells beautiful, hand-crafted crocheted hair clips, infinity scarves, hats, kitchen dish “circles” and these lovely facial scrubbies!


Crochet Facial Scrubbies have many uses:

*Cleaning your Face
*Removing Makeup
*Applying Lotions/Toners
*Gently Exfoliating Skin
*Great for Kids or Adults – fits nicely in the hand!

These also come with a pouch to hold the 6 facial scrubbies!

Unlike the grocery store cotton round counterparts, these are eco-friendly because they are reusable. Once you are done using one, just throw it in the wash along with your laundry and they will be ready to use again!

Each one is 2 inches wide, made with 100% cotton yarn.

Here are a couple of other items you can find in Nicole’s Crafty Beards Etsy shop:



To enter to win this adorable and useful set of scrubbies, just enter in the Rafflecopter below!

Can’t wait? Nicole has provided a coupon code exclusively for my readers through February 18th! Just enter code purposeful at checkout for 25% off your purchase!


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Don’t click away yet!

I’m excited to announce a new series here at The Purposeful Mom! I got a lot of great feedback in my reader survey and almost all of those who took the survey said they’d be interested in a learning about natural living in the areas of cleaning products and personal care products (shampoo, soap, etc). Giving away these reusable crochet scrubbies fits right into this category and so I wanted to let you know right now that I will be beginning an ongoing series here called Slowly Becoming Natural: A Step-By-Step, Grace-Filled Approach to a Healthier Life on a Budget!

In this series, you can expect to learn about such things as:

  • Why we should care about using natural cleaning and body care products
  • What toxins are found in commercial products and what they do to our bodies
  • How you can save money and time by making your own natural products
  • The effectiveness of natural cleaning and personal care products
  • Simple, budget-friendly recipes and the results of my own “experiments” with these natural recipes
  • Health benefits of many of these more natural products
  • Our journey to using items that are better for our bodies while being on a budget
  • Grace-filled suggestions, no guilt trips!

I hope you will subscribe by email in the box below (if you don’t already!) so you can learn with me or get some new ideas! Is there anything you’d like to learn about on this topic? Send me an email or leave a comment and let me know!


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7 Comments on Crochet Facial Scrubbies Giveaway Plus the Announcement of a New Series!

  1. cotton face scrubbies – what a brilliant idea! I do like the mesh market bags at the etsy shop too.

  2. I’m a crocheter and think these scrubbies look amazing! No more purchasing “cotton rounds” to wipe off eye make-up. What a great idea! =)
    Love your “Slowly Becoming Natural” series idea. I’m always looking for more ways to “green” our home. =)

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