Try these 10 great Charlotte’s Web activities with your toddlers and preschoolers! 

This month we decided to watch Charlotte’s Web together as a family! My 7 year old son had already read the classic book by E. B. White and so we decided to check out the movie!

We watched the 2006 version with Dakota Fanning {who is apparently my 3rd cousin or something like that, by the way}. And I must say that we loved it!

I was rather impressed with the content of the movie because it was true to the book and wholesome as well. I didn’t have to worry about my 5 year old seeing it.

Neither of my older kids got scared while watching it {the 2 year old went to bed before the end and the baby was clueless}, which is a bonus in my book because my children are rather sensitive to frightening content.

Charlotte’s Web Themed Activities for Kids

The next day we did some Charlotte’s Web themed activities.

We colored some pictures, did a word find and made pink paper plate pigs!

All the while we talked a little about some of the character qualities that the characters in the story had {for good or bad}. I also had to remind my five year old that animals don’t talk ;)

Also enjoyed was creating the Walkin’ the Web activity (scroll down for a photo) with painter’s tape–so easy and fun, plus it was good for burning some energy!

Then we read a few chapters from the book to compare it to the movie–lots of details in the book that they didn’t have time for in the video!


We wanted to make these Wilbur the Pig cupcakes but we haven’t gotten around to it yet, so we may do that on a weekend just for fun.

Here are some other great ideas for a Charlotte’s Web unit that you can do with your family!

Charlotte’s Web Theme Unit from ABC Teach
Charlotte’s Web Bingo
Walkin’ the Web {Giant Floor Web made from Painter’s Tape}

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Charlotte’s Web Coloring Pages
Charlotte’s Web Weavings {made with yarn}
Spider Web Snacks from Momendeavors
Pig Cupcakes {super cute!}

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I hope you enjoy these Charlotte’s Web themed activity ideas!

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