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11 Lenten Devotionals For Families

The first day of Lent is observed as Ash Wednesday in many churches and continues for 40 days, excluding Sundays, through Easter/Resurrection Day. If you’re anything like me, you’re still looking for a family study or activity to use as you observe Lent, even at this late hour! :) There are several devotionals we have enjoyed in […] Read more…

8 simple ideas for helping the child who is hesitant to pray out loud!

Helping the Child Who is Hesitant to Pray Out Loud

“Dear Lord, ummm….” Do your children’s prayers ever begin this way? I know my seven-year-old son’s prayers do! Several months ago, he really started struggling with praying out loud. Previously, he had prayed fairly easily so we weren’t sure what to think! Was it a discipline issue? Was he “bored” during devotions? While I don’t […] Read more…

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