Kids Devotions

Learn about Advent with Truth in the Tinsel (an Invitation for the Crafty and Not-so-Crafty Mom)

I’m the first to admit that Pinterest has become a slight addiction for me, even though I’m pretty sure I’m pronouncing it incorrectly (Pin-interest, Pin-trehst? After 6 years this should be obvious to me). There are days when I completely ignore it, but then on some random Saturday afternoon I go crazy pinning DIY ideas, kids […] Read more…

Lenten printable prayer chain for families

Easy and Simple Lenten Prayer Chain Printable- Bible Verses and Prayer Prompts for Kids and Families

In our home, we celebrate Lent, which is the 40 days before Resurrection Sunday when we intentionally remember and think about Christ’s sacrifice for us.  In order to help us focus our hearts and help you and your family (and ours!) have a dedicated Scripture and prayer time each day of this season, I created […] Read more…

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