Have your kids make these cute superhero-themed lollipop valentines to give out to their class this year for Valentine’s Day! 

We were flipping through our Family Fun magazine a couple of weeks ago and Will stopped at a page and said, “I want to make those!”

I’m not a naturally crafty person but I figured I could handle these little guys. We decided to make some for friends and family for Valentine’s Day.

So here you have what we call the  “Caped Bible Crusader” Valentines! :)

Caped Crusader Superhero Valentines

caped crusader valentines

Items Needed:

Tootsie Roll suckers, preferably in Valentine’s pink

Cardstock in red, pink and/or white

Sharpie or art marker

White computer paper

Hole punch

Scotch tape or glue stick

Template for cape and mask


{UPDATED JANUARY 2022} Download a cape template. The original Family Fun template can no longer be found on the internet (I wrote this post back in 2012!!) but I found a free SVG and created a template for you HERE.

Another option (pre-printed superhero pictures) can be found HERE.

Cut out and trace the cape template the desired number of times onto cardstock and cut out the cardstock. Then trace and cut the mask template (I used white computer paper because it wound around the Tootsie Pop easier than cardstock).

Write your desired message on each cut piece of cardstock. Punch a hole in the top of each cape and slide onto Tootsie Pop stick. It took a little work to do this and some help from my husband (since our kids were quite young) but we made it work!

Draw eyeholes on the mask with black marker. Wrap and tape around the Tootsie Pop. Our bag had 16 suckers and in my opinion that was enough!

The kids helped put on the capes and masks and they loved the end result so it was worth it!

Have fun!

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