Anyone else excited now that summer is here? Woo hoo! We are so pumped about the warm days, swim time, bike rides and vacation! 

Did you know that you can take Netflix with you on vacation? Not only can you use it at the hotel or grandma’s house, but you can also have it in the car (provided you have the proper connection). Some quick advice on how to use Netflix on the go.


Get the Netflix App!

You can grab the free Netflix App for many different devices so you can watch all titles that are instant streaming:

Make sure to check the app for any needed updates before you leave. Remember that you can’t download movies or shows from Netflix onto your computer or device.

Find Your Connection

If you have an iPhone or another smart phone or device on a 3G/4G network, you can use the Netflix app in the van on the way to your destination (bring headphones)! You can sometimes create a wifi hotspot with your phone as well, so that you can watch Netflix on your iPad or other device. Buffering can occur if you don’t have a good connection, so you may not want to rely on the app as your only source of entertainment on your trip, but it’s great to have it on your phone or tablet so you don’t need to bring along tons of DVDs that inevitably get stepped on or lost under the seat.

We have a “dumb phone” so we can’t use it while riding in the car but it’s really convenient to have and maybe use as a reward for getting along on the trip or other good behavior. We find a lot of other activities for our kids to do while traveling, but it’s nice to have a video to watch every now and then, especially on our 13 hour treks to visit the grandparents!

At any hotel or WiFi hotspot, you can have access to Netflix on your iPad or other device. I don’t necessarily like flipping on the hotel TV because we don’t have cable at home so I haven’t seen a lot of the kids’ shows available on the cable networks. Therefore, I’m more comfortable using the Netflix app on our iPad because the shows our kids watch on it are already approved by mom and dad :)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

If you’re looking for some great movie and TV shows for kids on Netflix, check out 5 classic kids’ movies on Netflix, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and some musical movies perfect for singing along to on car trips, such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,  Leap Frog’s Numberland, and The Prince of Egypt!

Check out Netflix and their kids’ selections now! Enjoy your summer! 


I was contacted a few months ago about being a Netflix Stream Team blogger. Our family had used Netflix in the past but were disappointed when they discontinued a lot of their kids’ shows, so we unsubscribed. I was offered a year’s subscription to Netflix and the opportunity to rediscover their children’s programming, using their movies and TV shows to correspond to crafts, recipes and other ideas we create as part of our family time.

For the next 4 months, you’ll read about some of these shows, activities we do that relate to them and a year-end review of Netflix once I’ve seen what they have to offer now! Hopefully this will be helpful to you in deciding whether to use Netflix in your home.


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