I have to say that giving up cable almost 7 years ago was pretty easy for me, except when it came to my favorite channels, HGTV and Food Network. {My husband, on the other hand, still misses ESPN.} 

So I was really pumped to see House Hunters show up in my Netflix feed when I turned it on for my 3 year old the other day. I was even more excited to learn that there are now TONS of HGTV and Food Network favorites on Netflix–yay!!

netflix oct

Check out some of these brand new programs being offered:

House Hunters

House Hunters International

Pioneer Woman

Property Brothers

Love It or List It

Holmes Inspection Collection {the guy from Holmes on Homes}

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Good Eats


Rehab Addict

and many more!

Now, to be upfront, these are collections of these shows that amount to about 25 episodes each. I’m hoping they’ll soon add more, and maybe bring in some of the older HGTV shows like Design on a Dime! 

Either way, I’m very thrilled. My husband even likes to watch House Hunters with me :)

What are your favorite shows that you’ve been watching on Netflix lately?


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