As of July 1st, Google Reader is going away for good!! This means you will have to find a different “reader” for following your favorite blogs!

I recently joined Bloglovin {kind-of a weird name, IMO, but it was highly recommended by a few blogging friends!} and that’s how I will be following the blogs I subscribed to in Google Reader. It’s very, very easy to pull your current “feed” over into Bloglovin and I actually like the layout a little better than GR.

You can set up preferences to give you a daily email with a summary and photo of each blog’s post that you can click through to read the entire thing. Very helpful!

If you’re not crazy about having a ton of emails in your inbox each day, this would be a great service for managing everything so you can still enjoy reading the sites you follow.

**This is not an email subscription service. It is a feed service, just like GR, Feedly and others. Bloglovin can send you a daily digest if you want. If not, you can go into “Settings” (under the little blue heart on the home page of Bloglovin) and choose “I do not want a daily email” if you prefer to just check your feeds when you have time.

To sign up for a Bloglovin account, go here:

Then follow the simple steps to import your Google Reader feed!

If you aren’t following The Purposeful Mom via Bloglovin, I’d love it if you would!

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    • I’m glad you like it! I’m looking forward to actually reading my feeds more now that they’re in Bloglovin.

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